Andre 3000 Says No to Outkast Reunion: Why We Don’t Mind

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Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000)

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Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000)

Musician Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) has effectively sworn off an Outkast reunion. Something interesting happens after two artists have performed together for many years. Once we've effectively seen them as a unit, we humans naturally begin picking them apart. We make comparisons of just about everything. Who's the favorite? Which is more talented? Better looking? The list goes on and on. Some might have been stunned when Dre made the announcement that Outkast fans would be waiting for a new album. But for the most part, we're not really moved.

We hope that Andre does more acting.

He dove into acting somewhere around 2003, and really captured our eye in "Four Brothers." By the time "Idlewild" rolled around we hoped that perhaps it would mark the beginning of a slew of unconventional endeavors. Although he's balanced fashion, film, and music quite capably----a new Outkast project might just be overkill.

Could we be "over" Outkast?

Many musical duos are able to last for several years. But the critically acclaimed members of this Southern rap group have evolved (individually) into much more than mere "rappers." Their truest fans will always appreciate the yin-and-yang aspect of both Dre and Big Boi's lyrical delivery. And they've clearly got much more to say as artists. But it's quite possible that the music world is simply ready to celebrate Outkast as a slice of history.

"The Love Below" revealed such promise.

We're secretly hoping that Dre continues to make more "Love Below"-worthy music. It's not that we disliked Big Boi's "Speakerboxxx." But getting to explore an entirely musical side of Andre 3000 was a special treat. The "Prototype" singer claims he'll release a solo album sometime in 2012. We can only imagine what tricks he's got up his sleeves.

We're enjoying Andre's collaborations.

The Benjamin Bixby designer has also mentioned that he's having a grand time collaborating with some of today's hottest musicians. Not shy about admitting that the up-and-comers are keeping him relevant, Dre is perhaps one of few musicians who continually keeps fans guessing. A collaboration with anyone in the industry is bound to pique curiosity.

Where is the love?

When we first heard that there would be no new Outkast album, panic touched us. Are the two artists beefing? Has money and/or fame dimmed the desire to perform together? Although we've considered some of these questions, our need for sleaze has gone unmet. Alas, no deep dark secrets have been revealed. If there's any tension related to this announcement, it's being kept tightly under wraps.

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