Amy Winehouse: Remembering Her at Her Best

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It's been a year already since the music industry lost Amy Winehouse, one of its most talented stars. At only 27 years of age, Amy made a long lasting mark. The British singer was known for her ballads and lyrics that highlighted the ironies of life. Unfortunately, the dark themes she sang about were a direct reflection of her troubled life.

Amy's struggles with drugs and alcohol have long been documented. Her music, however, brought a sense of joy and a thrill to her fans. To that end, we'd like to fondly remember Amy for her positive moments on the planet.

Let's look back at Ms. Winehouse's greatest hits.


In a world full of cookie cutter starlets, Amy was in a class by herself. She passed over standard pop star fashion fare for a more vintage look. Amy's big bouffant hair hearkened back to the Motown era and real singing divas like the Ronettes and the Supremes. With her exaggerated eyeliner contrasted by her edgy tattoos, Amy created a signature style that is still memorable.

Vocal Stylings

Ms. Winehouse needed no autotune. Her voice was at times bawdy and sexy, and alternately full of pain and strife. A true singer, Amy was able to convey a deep sense of emotion and longing with her soulful voice. Fans continue to resonate with the quiet strength and sense of struggle that she brought to her music.

Friendships and Collaborations

Amy's stormy relationship with her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil is a matter of public record. The two shared a stormy drug-filled life that ended in divorce. At the time of Amy's death, Blake was imprisoned. Nonetheless, it appears that Amy had a cadre of friends, collaborators and supporters.

Comic Russell Brand, producer Mark Ronson, personality Kelly Osbourne and rapper Nas were all reportedly F.O.W., Friends of Winehouse. They were ultimately unable to save her in the end. We'd like to think, however, that her good friends helped the superstar to have a joyful life while she was here.


The "Rehab' singer was a singular talent in an industry filled with clones. The music industry recognized and rewarded her for being such a bright and unique light. Winehouse won five Grammy Awards for her albums, was in the top half of VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music, was nominated for numerous MTV Awards internationally and won a Brit Award for Best Female Solo Artist. Amy will continue to be missed for generations to come.

What do you remember most about Ms. Winehouse? Which Amy songs do you still listen to?

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