Amy Adams Set to Shine in New Clint Eastwood Movie: Her Three Best Roles

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Amy Adams Set to Shine in New Clint Eastwood Movie: Her Three Best Roles

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Amy Adams continues to shine on the big screen.

It's going to be a big weekend for stunning actress Amy Adams. The charming star is celebrating the opening of "Trouble with the Curve," her latest film that features co-stars Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake. Amy plays the strong daughter of Clint's baseball scout character, and she was able to hold her own despite a nervous first meeting with the star. "I was terrified when he walked in," she said when describing the encounter. "Usually, I like to meet my co-stars when I'm on the set already and in character." Given Amy's talent and pedigree, there's really no reason for her to be intimidated by anyone. The actress has had a number of great roles in her career, and it's no surprise that she has become a huge star. Here is a look at the three roles that show just how versatile the actress can be.

Sister James - "Doubt"

When you share the screen with Oscar winners like Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, it takes a lot to stand out. However, Amy did just that as a young, devoted nun who finds herself embroiled in a major church scandal. Amy does a great job of portraying the character as she struggles to understand what is going on around her. The actress later said that sharing the screen with such superb actors helped her raise her game. "You know, you want to be good for Meryl and for Philip," she said. "These are two people that I respect greatly and you just want to be 100% percent for them and be present." The effort paid off, and Amy earned an Oscar nomination for her work.

Charlene - "The Fighter"

As a foul-mouthed Boston bartender that falls in love with a struggling boxer, Amy went far away from her usually charming characters. In the movie, she gets into multiple shouting matches with her man's meddlesome family, proving just how tough a person she can be. In an interview, the actress described the character as "someone who could spring at any moment, like you weren't sure what she was thinking at any given moment. That was fun to play." Once again, her hard work paid off with an Oscar nomination.

Mary - "The Muppets"

After a series of heavily dramatic roles, Amy reminded us of how charming she can be in the 2011 update of "The Muppets." As the love interest of actor Jason Segel, Amy sings and dances her way through this fun family hit. While Kermit and his pals are the stars, you can't help but notice how brilliant Amy is in the film. In order to lure Amy into the project, Jason joined Kermit for a recruitment video. Fortunately for all of us, Amy couldn't say no to the role after that.

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