Is New ‘America's Got Talent’ Judge Howard Stern Turning into Judge Judy?

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Looks like the title of judge is going to Howard Stern's head. Since replacing Piers Morgan as one of the judges on "America's Got Talent," the radio shock jock has been judging everyone from Britney Spears to Barack Obama.

Though The Howard has never been a wall flower when it comes to giving opinions -- his popularity on satellite radio derives mainly from the outrageous things he says about people in the headlines -- the native New Yorker has gone into overdrive since getting the AGT judging gig. He's even judging the judges of other talent shows.

Not surprisingly, the man once known as Howeird favors judges who are more salty than sweet. He gives top marks to Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid of "The X Factor," Len Goodman of "Dancing with the Stars" and Adam Levine of "The Voice," noting, "All those guys show some honesty, there's some sort of reason why I care about their opinion."

In contrast to the old AI days when contestants cowered before the crusty Cowell wondering if "El Exigente" would approve of their performance or dub it boring or karaoke, Stern despises the shallow advice J.Lo and the other two judges offer up with such vanilla comments as "Oh, you're wonderful, you're good, you're great." Said Stern, "If you think about it, it's such a disservice to the contestant."

The 56-year-old even accused Lopez of using the Fox sing-off to re-launch her career and Steven Tyler of milking it for the money.

But the King of All Media saved his most scathing comments for Britney Spears, who was recently named judge for the next season of "The X Factor." Though he said he'd watch her on the show "to see what kind of train wreck she is," he predicts the "Oops!...I Did it Again" singer will "stand there with a lollipop and wear a sexy outfit."

No celebrity is off limits to the caustic Capricorn. He recently went after easy target Kim Kardashian for playing coy about her suspicious romance to Kanye West. "She thinks she's Jen Aniston now," he said, "not talking about her personal life. Wait until her shows ratings drop . . . then they will trot out Kanye in his underwear."

Last week Stern took a poke at the POTUS, calling Barack Obama's support of gay marriage a "calculated" move to help his campaign and claiming the president did not go far enough by failing to push for a federal law. He was even more vicious about Mitt Romney strapping the family dog inside a kennel atop his car on a family vacation. "Mitt Romney treated his dog like a mattress or a Christmas tree," said Stern. "This bothers me. It just doesn't seem like good judgment."

Tonight, the tables will turn. The judge will be judged on his performance as viewers decide how well the new guy gels with host, Nick Cannon, and fellow judges, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, on NBC's Season 7 premiere of "America's Got Talent."

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