'American Idol’ Top 6 Results: Another One Bites the Dust

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It was down to five Thursday night on "American Idol," as another contestant bit the dust after the singing competition's Queen-themed week. This week's victim was Elise Testone, who made a return trip to her vacation home in the bottom three -- but this time it was for a permanent stay.

In-house mentor Jimmy Iovine had plenty of criticism for Testone's Wednesday night performances of rock classics. Of her choice of the Queen song "I Want It All," Iovine said it was hands down the wrong song for her, calling it a "mountainous, stadium anthem."

"It didn't move me, I wouldn't rewind, I didn't want to hear it again," he said.

Ditto for her choice of the Jimi Hendrix Experience song, "Bold as Love." Iovine called Testone's song picks "Double down on bad choice for the night." Tell us how you really feel, Jimmy!

Still, this season's resident rocker chick has been known to slay a song or two. Here's a look back at Elise Testone's most memorable " American Idol" performances:

"One and Only"

All the girls think they can sing Adele, but few can. On Top 25 week, Elise proved she was worthy. Interestingly, contestant Jen Hirsch sang the same song that night, but it was Elise who blew it away. J.Lo dubbed her "the one to watch."

"Whole Lotta Love"

On "Their Personal Idols" week, judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson had a whole lotta love for Elise when she rocked the Led Zeppelin classic "Whole Lotta Love," complete with pyrotechnics and wailing screams that would make Robert Plant proud. Mentor Stevie Nicks even said, "If I needed a singer I'd hire her in a second."


Billy Joel week was not an easy feat for the "Idol" contestants (just ask Heejun Han), But Elise breezed right through it with a performance of Joel's 1977 song "Vienna." J.Lo gushed over it, saying, "I'm so happy for you, I just wanna shake you and hold you and squeeze you. Such a beautiful thing." And Randy Jackson reiterated, "What you saw tonight America is the reason this girl's in this competition. She's unbelievably talented."

Meanwhile, with her "Idol" days behind her (well, there's still that summer tour to contend with!), will we soon see Elise Testone as a backup singer for Stevie Nicks? Ryan Seacrest may just hold the rock icon to it.

The next episode of "American Idol" airs on Wednesday night at 8/7c on FOX.

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