‘American Idol’ Season 12: Steven Tyler Auditions for ‘American Idol’

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‘American Idol’ Season 12: Steven Tyler Auditions for ‘American Idol’

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What was going on in Oklahoma City? A befuddled Randy Jackson pondered that question as a succession of unusual contestants paraded through OKC's "American Idol" auditions last night, and the most unusual part was that a few of them actually made it through to Hollywood!

But the strangest audition of the night wasn't the puppet-toting ventriloquist or the girl who mangled "The Star Spangled Banner" and still got a golden ticket. No, the strangest audition of the night went to Steven Tyler. Yes, you heard right. The Aerosmith front man and former "Idol" judge stopped by his old stomping grounds, and dude was dressed like a lady. While he didn't fool his music industry peers for long (the blonde wig did little to hide that recognizable face and raspy voice), he did give the new judging team a few laughs as he wished them all the best.

It's a shame he didn't sing, though. We would have been curious to see if Nicki Minaj would have sent him out to the cornfield, as he once predicted she would do to Bob Dylan. Either way, the Demon of Screamin's faux audition was just the cake topper on a truly wacky night of auditions.

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, 19-year-old Zoanette Johnson treated us to her version of the National Anthem, and let's just say Beyonce doesn't have anything to worry about! For some inane reason, the judges sent Johnson through to Hollywood, but as she awaited their unanimous decision, she impatiently beckoned, "Come on, I got a lunch date!"

"This is wild, what is it? I don't understand how to vote. I'm a little confused," Randy Jackson said of yodeling puppeteer Halie Hilborn and her stuffed companion, Oscar. (Randy's "no" was trumped by the other three judges' "yes" votes.)

Anastacia Freeman sang "Unbreak My Heart," and her off-key rendition of the Toni Braxton hit had the judges sending her packing. Her revenge? "I will no longer listen to Mariah Carey and I never listened to Nicki Minaj, so that's no loss. She worships the devil, I heard, anyway," a disgruntled Freeman said. (No word on how she feels about Keith Urban.)

And finally, it wouldn't be "Idol" without at least one white guy with a guitar. That would be Karl Skinner, who's actually a "ginger" (his description).

"I'm gonna prove gingers have soul now," the redheaded singer told the judges, before he belted out a tongue-in-cheek (we think!) version of James Brown's "I Feel Good," complete with a Michael Jackson moonwalk. Randy loved Skinner, calling him an "Idol mascot," and even said he could be "a better Ryan Seacrest." But Ryan's job is safe for now; Karl is headed to Hollywood, so he'll have little time to be the host with the most!

"American Idol" Season 12 airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on FOX.

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