'American Idol' Censors Lady Gaga's Shoes

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Lady Gaga loves her crazy shoes!

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Lady Gaga loves her crazy shoes!

Last night, Lady Gaga mentored the singers on "American Idol." Yet while "Idol" appreciated her talent, they weren't so gaga over her controversial fashion choices.

As Gaga was filmed mentoring the singers, producers covered her heels with the "American Idol" logo. What audiences didn't see was that each heel of her black boots was in the shape of a male part.

Check Entertainmentwise for an up-close picture of Gaga's phallic heels.

According to columnist Zack Taylor, these shoes were created by London's Void of Course and cost over $4,500.

Lady Gaga is certainly known for pushing the envelope. Here's a look at some of her most outrageous fashion efforts.

MTV Video Music Awards 2009: Blood

This was a performance that shocked audiences around the world. While Gaga was singing about media vultures, realistic-looking blood began to drip from her ribcage as a she suffered an agonizing on-stage death at the hands of "Paparazzi."

Watch Gaga's shocking VMA performance on YouTube, posted by CircusZoneTV.

MTV Video Music Awards 2010: Meat

Gaga's elaborate meat costume was the brain child of designer Franc Fernandez. The dress was made from red meat that came from his family's butcher shop.

For detailed photos of Gaga's meat dress, check MTV Style.

Monster Ball Tour 2011: Naughty Nun

In February, Gaga donned a naughty nun's costume that left little to the imagination. Complete with a see-through rubber outfit, a white bikini bottom, a nun's habit, and crosses to cover her nipples, she probably made audiences wonder if sinners have much more fun.

Check Daily Mail for photos of Gaga's naughty nun costume


Were Gaga's phallic shoes too inappropriate for "American Idol" prime time audiences? Or was "Idol" unreasonable in censoring her unique fashion statements?

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