‘American Horror Story’ Cast of Sexy Psychopaths

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The Emmy award nominated "American Horror Story" takes on a whole new cast and brand new storyline with its second season. Set to take place in the 1960s at an East Coast institution for the criminally insane, the Ryan Murphy drama on FX Network has cast some of Hollywood's hottest actors. This troupe of performers look more suited for an Aaron Spelling spin-off than to play inmates at an asylum. The show is set to introduce viewers to some of the sexiest psychopaths ever seen on television.

Jenna Dewan

Wife to "Magic Mike" star Channing Tatum, the sultry brunette was recently cast to play one of the "lovers" living in the asylum. The dancer-actress will have to be made down in order to fit in the show. Her wavy brown hair, intense green eyes and perfect teeth belong on the runway, and will have to be hidden to fit into the loony bin.

Adam Levine

Set to make his acting debut, Maroon 5 frontman and "The Voice" coach Adam Levine will play the other half of the "lovers" on the show. The tatted up singer has been photographed with less clothes than most throughout his career, but makeup artists will have to work overtime to cover up his modern tattoos to fit into a 1960's East Coast asylum. Levine will undoubtedly show some skin on the show, and make viewers question whether they are watching a nuthouse or a sequel to "Magic Mike."

Joseph Fiennes

Many fell in love with the brother of actor Ralph Fiennes when he played William Shakespeare in "Shakespeare in Love." Despite a famous acting family and an intense look that mesmerizes most, Joseph has yet to have a real success on television, most noted on the failure of "FlashForward" in 2010. But the dark stare and intense energy of Mr. Fiennes will fit perfectly on "AHS" and is sure to wow viewers into wanting more.

Chloe Sevigny

One of television's most courageous and versatile actresses, Chloe Sevigny brings her alluring mystery to Murphy's insane asylum. She has been a Mormon wife and is set to play the first transgendered lead role on television in "Hit & Miss," but the French actress is also confirmed to be visiting the second season of the FX hit. Beautiful and beguiling, Chloe is sure to bring the crazy intensity that the new season requires.

Mark Consuelos

Many predicted he would join wife Kelly Ripa on her morning talk show, but soap actor Mark Consuelos could not have signed up for something more different. In a surprising turn, the heartthrob is set to join the asylum, despite his soap star good looks and affable personality. If viewers -- or the help of some really good makeup -- can get past his perfect features and believe that he could find himself in this dark place, this could be the most surprising turn of Consuelo's career.

Murphy has always pushed the envelope, and he's got his work cut out for him with the much-anticipated second season of "American Horror Story." In addition to pleasing legions of loyal fans with an entirely new storyline -- one that fortunately does promise the return of Jessica Lange -- Murphy now has to contend with creating a believable asylum with a gorgeous cast of actors. Whether or not the show delivers the same caliber of goods as the first season, there is no doubt that the second season will surely make anyone believe that even a loony bin can and should be filled with gorgeous inmates.

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