Amanda Bynes is Trying to Become Stripper Blac Chyna: What She Should Do Instead

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Amanda Bynes claims that a redhead impostor is pretending to be her

Amanda Bynes' topless photos, cheek piercings, and Twitter selfies have finally been explained -- the former Nickelodeon star is simply "Single White Female"-ing a stripper/model named Blac Chyna. But why?

As E! Online points out, Amanda recently said that she got her cheek piercings to look like Blac Chyna, a stripper who has appeared in a few music videos. Some of Amanda's Twitter selfies are disturbingly similar to the model's own personal pictures -- she seems to be parroting Chyna's poses and mimicking her makeup application. It's also very possible that Amanda got the nose job she recently admitted to in an effort to look more like the video vixen.

So why would Amanda want to become Blac Chyna? The answer is pretty obvious -- Drake once expressed his admiration for the stripper by mentioning her in his song "Miss Me," and we all know how desperate Amanda is to get Drake's attention. Chyna is also married to Tyga, a member of Drake's Young Money Cash Money posse. It looks like Amanda wants what Chyna has (except with Drake). Recently, she even decided to take her efforts to transform into the stripper to the next level by posting topless photos of herself on Twitter. But what's really scary is that Chyna recently had a baby.

Amanda continues to insist that she's not crazy. She said that her behavior isn't caused by drinking because she's "allergic to alcohol." However, she did get arrested for a DUI last year, and she pulled a Reese Witherspoon by trying to use her fame to get out of it. Amanda took to Twitter to ask Barack Obama to fire the cop who arrested her. Even Reese wasn't that bold.

We're really hoping that Amanda's topless photos, shaved head, and strange obsession with Chyna aren't signs that she's on the verge of suffering a massive meltdown, and we've got a few ideas about what she should do instead of spending all her time trying to transform into Chyna's twin:

A sexy photo shoot

We don't want to see Amanda Bynes pull a Lindsay Lohan by posing naked in the pages of Playboy -- instead we're thinking that her self esteem would benefit from a sexy photo shoot like the one that Miley Cyrus recently did for V Magazine. With her wacky cheek piercings, surely Amanda must be a fan of the bizarre butt necklace that Miley got to rock in her wild pictorial. Amanda keeps complaining about tabloids using her unflattering paparazzi photos, but the poor quality selfies that she wants them to use instead aren't much better. We'd love to see how amazing Amanda would look with professionals styling her hair, doing her makeup, and choosing her outfits.

A musical movie

Amanda once starred in the "Hairspray" remake, and we'd love to see her do another musical comedy. However, she needs to be cast in something more modern to suit her edgy new style. Perhaps she could play an aspiring female hip-hop star who wants to win a singing competition in a movie similar to "Pitch Perfect." Amanda did say that she wants to work on music, but maybe returning to acting would encourage her to clean up her act.

A clothing line

Amanda revealed that she's interested in starting her own clothing line, but it would probably be a good idea for the celeb to start small (think Rob Kardashian and his line of men's socks). Perhaps she could design a line of hats with built-in weaves for all the other gals out there with parts of their hair shaved off. After seeing the sorry state of Amanda's tights in her recent topless Twitter photos, we're just praying that she doesn't pull a Lindsay Lohan by creating her own line of leggings.

So what would you like to see Amanda do with her life instead of pursuing her crazy plan to win Drake's heart?

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