Amanda Bynes Remains in Hospital as Parents File for Conservatorship

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Amanda Bynes Remains in Hospital as Parents File for Conservatorship

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Amanda Bynes

A judge came to visit Amanda Bynes in the psychiatric hospital on Thursday July 25, to determine if she could go home after police checked her in on a 5150 hold. After talking to doctors and listening to Bynes's attorney, the judge decided that the trouble actress needs to remain in the hospital for two additional weeks for further testing. According to the doctors, the young star still poses a threat to herself and others around her.

Meanwhile, her parents have filed for a conservatorship to take control of their daughter's financial and personal affairs. In order for the judge to rule in their favor, they have to prove that she is unable take care of herself. The court date for this decision will be Friday, and with doctors believing Bynes suffers from schizophrenia, there is a chance that the court will find in her parents favor.

Britney Spears

If this all sounds familiar, that is because the same thing happened to Britney Spears when her life started to spiral out of control. Five years ago, a judge placed Spears under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, and he took control of her career, finances and personal life. In 2008, the pop singer suffered a nervous breakdown and the courts stepped in, allowing her father to help his daughter. Since then, Spears has gotten her life back under control.

Jason Trawick proposed to Spears and was awarded co-conservatorship in April 2012, but the two have since broken off their engagement and the courts removed him from his position in January 2013. Through it all, Spears' father remains her conservator as Spears successfully battles her personality disorder.

Lindsay Lohan

While the "Toxic" singer's career and life, was aided when her father came to her rescue with the conservatorship, Lindsay Lohan was not quite as lucky. While Lohan was bouncing around rehab and getting arrested multiple times, there wasn't a parent there to help her get her nose clean. Instead, her parents continued fighting with one another over whether Lohan needed help or not.

Interestingly, Michael Lohan actually set plans in motion to gain conservatorship over Lohan in 2012. At the time, Lohan faced a number of charges, including the controversial hit and run incident in New York City. It isn't the first time her father tried this either, as he put papers together in 2010, as well. However, as Lindsay herself said, it will be hard for a man who himself has been arrested numerous times to gain conservatorship.

When you see how well it worked for Spears, and how Lohan's life continues to spiral out of control, maybe a conservatorship by Bynes' parents might be one key in helping the young woman finally start to gain control of her life once again.

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