Amanda Bynes’ Redheaded Impostor and Other Celeb Hair Making Headlines

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Are Amanda Bynes and Farrah Abraham Using Other Celebs for Publicity?

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Amanda Bynes claims that a redhead impostor is pretending to be her

Amanda Bynes wants to make sure that the world knows that she never stepped out with a busted, rust-colored weave -- the actress is claiming that a redheaded impostor is posing as her.

The former "All That" star tweeted, "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!" So basically Amanda thinks that some crazy stalker is trying and failing to pull a "Single White Female" on her. But wouldn't a legit Amanda impersonator know that the actress currently rocks bleach blonde locks?

Amanda went on to tweet about the mysterious redhead's fashion and facial piercings: "Fake or real microdermals same glasses! I don't own those clothes and I'm blonde! Haha!" Maybe Amanda was just trying to pull a belated April Fools' Day prank by tweeting about her evil twin, because the girl with the hastily-done dye job really looks like her. The redheaded "impostor" was photographed on Monday, which did happen to be April Fools' Day.

Amanda isn't the only celeb who is making headlines for her hair. If Amanda wants to change up her hairstyle to trip up her alleged imitator, perhaps she should consider rocking some micro bangs like Suri Cruise. The trend-setting daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise recently caused speculation that she took the scissors to her own hair by stepping out with scraggly, super-short bangs. However, it's also possible that the tot had to have her locks lopped off after getting gum stuck in her hair. This would be a better explanation for Katie to stick to so she won't get chastised for letting her child play with scissors.

Amanda Bynes could also consider getting a perm like Bradley Cooper. Since perms are now considered a thing of the past and the go-to hairstyle of grannies everywhere, she'd definitely stand out. Bradley was forced have his hair put in pretty pink rollers for his new movie, an untitled David O. Russell flick that also stars Jennifer Lawrence. The movie is set during the 1970s, a time period when perms were rather popular. So this is why B-Coop's head was turned into a poodle. The look is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's Ramen noodle hair from the '90s, but at least Bradley didn't try to bring that sexy back by adding frosted tips.

Amanda might also consider copying Miley Cyrus' short and wild hairstyle if she doesn't want to look anything like her evil twin, but she better get ready to get mistaken for a member of a British boy band. Miley recently poked fun at how similar her whipped cream-like quiff is to the one rocked by One Direction singer Niall Horan by tweeting, "Studio with @MikeWiLLMadeIt." But the photo attached to the tweet didn't feature Miley with producer Mike WiLL Made It -- instead Niall was pictured posing with Mike. Unfortunately, Miley's Twitter joke got misinterpreted by some websites -- Perez Hilton reported that Miley might be collaborating with her One Direction doppelganger.

So if Amanda does decide to change her hairstyle to make sure that she looks nothing like her evil twin, which 'do do you think that she should do?

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