Amanda Bynes, Beyonce, and Rihanna Are Gals with Grills

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Amanda Bynes, Beyonce, and Rihanna Are Gals with Grills

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Beyonce, Amanda Bynes, and Rihanna have all rocked grills recently

Amanda Bynes is the latest female celebrity to get her hands on the hottest new hip-hop accessory: A blinged-out golden grill.

According to TMZ, Bynes hired custom grill maker Ben Baller to create her $10,000 tooth cover. Even though Amanda once branded Miley Cyrus "ugly," she reportedly asked for her mouthpiece to be made in the same style as Miley's. However, Ben said that Amanda's will be even better because it will feature pretty pink diamonds and rose gold. He also said that Bynes was sporting black eyes from a recent surgery, so she's probably not ready to show off her new smile just yet.

There's no word on whether Amanda is going to take another page from Miley by rocking her new chomper jewelry in a music video. Cyrus can be seen getting her grill on in her twerk-tastic "We Can't Stop" vid.

Amanda Bynes might not be the only celebrity who admires the new Miley. Madonna showed off her own gold grill earlier this month, but she just had to one-up Hannah Montana by posing with a sword in her mouth. The Queen of Pop also seemed to be emulating Cyrus by shaking her moneymaker in her first Instagram video. However, she dubbed her version of the twerk the "booty pop."

Beyonce has also gotten in on the grill game. Queen Bey can be seen rocking some fierce fangs, a glittery getup, and a sequined hat with animal ears in a mysterious teaser video that was found hidden on her official website. Idolator speculates that the "leaked" footage might be part of the music video for "Bow Down." This wouldn't be the first time Sasha Fierce has rocked a grill -- last year she shared a fab Tumblr photo of herself donning a vampire-like bottom grill and a huge pair of Obama earrings.

Rihanna is another repeat offender when it comes to wearing mouth bling. In a recent Instagram photo, the singer bared her bottom teeth to show off her diamond-encrusted mouthpiece. RiRi captioned the pic, "I'm an outlaw b-tch.!!" It's tough to tell, but the grill might be the same one that she was spotted sporting in a 2011 photo.

So what do you think: Do girls look good with grills, or are the teeth accessories too tacky for your tastes?

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