Amanda Bynes Allegedly Involved in Hit-And-Run - Are These Isolated Incidents or Signs of More to Come?

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Amanda Bynes should maybe think about giving up driving for a little while. Just a little over a month after she was arrested for DUI, she's apparently had another accident on the roads of Los Angeles. Late Friday night, Bynes was driving in her SUV and apparently sideswiped another vehicle and kept right on driving. That's known as a "hit-and-run" to the rest of us. In Bynes' defense, she did reportedly cooperate fully with police when they found and informed her of the situation.

It would appear that the matter will be handled privately, as US Weekly is reporting that no citations were issued and the matter would not be investigated beyond Friday night. Though she dodged a bullet this time, the question is certainly going to be asked whether this second auto accident is just an unfortunate footnote to her DUI, or if it's an omen of yet more troubles to come. An argument can be made for both sides.

Amanda Will Be Fine - It is hard in the post Britney and Lindsay Meltdown Spiral Era to assume that when an actress is in the news twice in a month for automobile accidents that they are just isolated incidents. However, that is entirely possible and plausible. Up to the point that she was arrested for her DUI, Bynes didn't have a public persona of a party girl, or of being a reckless or careless driver.

It's easy to forget, but sometimes people make mistakes and they learn from them without careening off a cliff, headed towards a horrific end to their careers. This is probably one of those cases, as Amanda did manage to stay out of trouble before this most recent incident. After all, if the police didn't see anything worth investigating further, then perhaps all of us should respect her privacy and assume that she'll learn from her DUI and not be back in the headlines like this again.

Amanda May Be In Trouble - Though she was once a star of kids' programs on Nickelodeon, she's not a kid anymore. The DUI may have been the first sign of cracks in a facade. Given that the hit-and-run accident came so quickly after her arrest, she's showing signs of continued dangerous driving habits. Even though the police didn't see anything worth investigating further, the question has to be asked whether she truly learned anything from the DUI experience.

It's hard not to be reminded of the tough times that Spears and Lohan faced in their careers, right around the same time. Is this just a symptom of starting a showbiz career at such a young age? Are these young starlets all bound for some kind of acting out or unpredictable behavior, like a delayed adolescence period? We obviously can't diagnose that kind of thing, but these are all questions that should be asked.

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