Alec Baldwin's Twitter Rants and Why We Love Them

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Alec Baldwin's Twitter Rants and Why We Love Them

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Actor Alec Baldwin is considering a run at the mayoral seat in New York city sometime after the 2013 …

Actor Alec Baldwin's Twitter account is once again fueling the fires of gossip and controversy. In the most recent episode, Baldwin took to his Twitter feed to tell the world just how irked he was by NBC's coverage of the woman who had been convicted of stalking him. The "30 Rock" star tweeted hints of leaving the show and the network after its morning news program, "Today," camped out in front of his apartment building for a reaction to the story.

Now, Baldwin is trying to and repair some of the rift between his employer and himself. In an Associated Press article, Baldwin is quoted as saying that he likes NBC and loves its Thursday night programming. He did say though that the show he's currently on is contractually obligated through 2013, and after that it will likely end, which he also says would be a good thing for the lineup. Baldwin also was careful to say that he loves NBC, just not "Today." Then today he tweeted, "I actually adore Katie Couric, it's silly news shows I grew tired of."

Following Baldwin on Twitter gives you access to a celebrity who's clearly unafraid to speak his mind on any issue he sees fit, and usually they aren't short tweets of angst or anger. Rather they are usually multiple-tweet screeds that decry anything that's upset the star. Some stars choose to use their Twitter accounts just to promote their latest project, but it's obvious that Baldwin, like many others, likes to connect with the public at large using the social media monolith, and he's apparently willing to handle any fallout from his Twitter escapades.

For instance, last year one of Baldwin's games of "Words with Friends" was keeping his phone on before a flight from L.A. to New York and ultimately got him kicked off the flight. Alec then took to Twitter and lambasted the flight attendant and airline, decrying the very experience of commercial air travel. In the wake of the dust up, Baldwin then wrote a scathingly funny treatise on the whole situation in an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post.

One interesting piece of the equation is whether Baldwin would continue to be as active on Twitter were he to enter the realm of politics. It's long been rumored, for instance, that he has his eyes on an NYC Mayoral campaign. Would a political career force him to stifle his outbursts, or will his maverick persona play well with voters if he continues to tweet-rant every time he feels the need? For now, we are left to wonder if the next one will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and costs him a job or an endorsement deal. It should be noted that Baldwin is always willing to take to his Twitter feed to address the controversy he creates, so at least he's willing to help clean up whatever mess he makes.

Do you think Alec should tone down his Twitter rants, or keep them coming? Drop a comment and let us know!

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