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Passengers, take heed. When flight attendants tell you to stay off your personal electronics, they mean it. Just ask Alec Baldwin, who was kicked off an American Airlines flight this week after he refused to stop playing "Words With Friends" on his phone. Baldwin tweeted about the affair, " The flight attendant on American reamed me out for playing Words With Friends while we sat at the gate, not moving. No wonder American Air is bankrupt."

Air travel is stressful and exhausting for everyone involved. The stress of air travel must play real havoc on celebrities, since there is a long tradition of musicians and actors being escorted off of their flights for misunderstandings or outbursts. Here now are a few of the more notable incidents involving a flight and a celebrity.

Gerard Depardieu - The French actor caused quite a ruckus when he decided to take matters into his own hands, so to speak. When the "fasten seat belt" sign illuminated on his flight to Dublin, the star of "Green Card" found himself in need of some relief, but access to the bathroom wasn't possible while he had to remain seated. Depardieu tried to discretely tinkle into a bottle of water, but somehow ended up sprinkling the carpet of the plane, causing a two hour delay for the flight, and Gerard had to book a different flight.

Billie Joe Armstrong -

The lead singer of Green Day was kicked off a Southwest flight in September of this year. In perhaps the most bizarre reasoning for escorting a celeb off the tarmac, Billie was hauled off the plane when he refused to hike up his pants. That's right, he was kicked off a plane because too much of his underwear was exposed.

Kevin Smith - The writer and director of "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy" was chased off his Southwest flight when he was deemed to large to sit in just one seat. The incident touched off a war of words between the filmmaker and the airline, with Smith launching barb after barb towards Southwest via Twitter.

Josh Duhamel - If anyone can sympathize with Alec Baldwin over electronics issues, it's the "Transformers" and "Las Vegas" star. Duhamel was thrown off a flight last year after being asked three times to turn off his Blackberry. When Josh refused, he was shown the exit.

Leisha Hailey - In September of this year, Leisha Hailey, who appears on Showtime's "The L Word," was booted from her Southwest flight after she was caught locking lips with another female passenger. The airline maintains it was the salty language Hailey and her companion tossed at the flight attendants, and not the PDA that got them both thrown off the airplane.

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