Alec Baldwin Carries Much Younger Fiancé on Red Carpet and Other Must-See Photos from Cannes

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Alec Baldwin may have inadvertently reminded people he's old enough to be Hilaria Thomas's father when he carried his fiancé down the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last week. Though the gesture was meant to be romantic, the image was more that of a dad toting his toddler than two equals soon to be married.

The 54-year-old "30 Rock" star and 28-year-old Yoga instructor were among the many celebs frolicking in France this past week at what could be the film industry's most prestigious gathering after the Oscars.

Ever since Simone Silva posed topless on the beach with actor Robert Mitchum in 1954, photographers have haunted the fabled film festival, hoping for sensational celebrity shots from the South of France. Scandal magnet Madonna, for instance, made waves in 1991 by ending up in just her underwear after conveniently dropping her jacket, though her bloomies were modest by today's standards.

In contrast, celebrities have so far behaved themselves like carnival ponies at this year's festival, making it a relative yawn-fest photo-wise with less than a week to go. Here are the most interesting pictures from Cannes to date.

Battle of the Boobs

With cameras clicking away, several celebs showed off their girls in garments that exposed more than just cleavage, the show biz equivalent of sticking a Post-it note on one's dress that says, "Notice me!"

Eva Longoria miraculously avoided a nip slip in her Emilio Pucci gown, and Salma Hayak's breasts looked like they were desperately trying to escape her chocolate-colored Gucci Premiere dress. Meanwhile, Italian-Finnish model Anna Falchi forgot to read the memo that you shouldn't bare your leg and breasts in the same dress. And Spanish actress Paz Vega played peek-a-boo in a Stephane Rolland keyhole dress that featured a white top with a wide vertical swath of fabric cut out in the middle.

But the prize for most daring decolletage goes to Jada Pinkett Smith, whose plunging neckline went all the way down to her waist in the Paco Rabanne frock she wore to dinner with her friends from "Madagascar 3."

Jane Fonda Still Foxy at 74

The former aerobics video queen proved to be the best advertisement for daily exercise since Jack LaLanne. Her sparkly, form-fitting Atelier Versace gown made the "Monster-in-Law" actress look more like a sexy young mermaid than frumpish matron at the premiere of "Moonrise Kingdom." Perhaps she should try out for the Ariel role if they do a 3-D remake of "The Little Mermaid."

This Broad Needed a Bridesmaid

Unfortunately, the omnipresent Pippa Middleton is never in France when you need her. At the opening ceremonies on Wednesday, "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria could have tripped over her dress strolling down the red carpet in a Marchesa gown with a super-sized train. If Pippa wasn't available, Kim Kardashian could have put her butt on display as a stand-in for the Duchess's sister.

Bill Murray Outs Himself as a Heterosexual

Thanks to this photo, the "Ghostbuster" could afford to be snapped holding hands with director Wes Anderson. No self-respecting gay man would have been caught dead in the actor's checks-and-plaid catastrophe at the photocall for "Moonrise Kingdom." Unless he mistakenly thought there was a prize for wild and craziest outfit, the SNL alum needs a new wife or at least a stylist to prevent such fashion faux pas in the future.

Too bad Murray wasn't escorting Freida Pinto at the opening night festivities. The "Slumdog Millionaire" actress apparently thought guests were supposed to dress up as cake frosting.

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