Aisha Tyler Lands 'Glee' Role: Other Successful 'Talk Soup' Veterans

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Aisha Tyler Lands 'Glee' Role: Other Successful 'Talk Soup' Veterans

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Aisha Tyler is joining the cast of "Glee" this season.

Aisha Tyler is the latest star to land a role on "Glee." Aisha, who is currently a host on "The Talk," has been cast as Jake's mom on the hit comedy series. While she is best known for her hosting duties on "The Talk" and "Talk Soup," Aisha has done her fair share of acting. She once had a multi-episode arc in the sitcom "Friends," and also had recurring roles in "24" and "The Ghost Whisperer." Aisha is one of several "Talk Soup" veterans to find continued success in their careers. Here is a look at how some of the other stars of that series have done over the years.

Greg Kinnear

Greg was the original host of the series in 1991, and he has seen his career soar to new heights in the last 20 years. He hosted the show until 1995, and then had a short-lived talk show on NBC. Along the way, Greg found that his talent for acting was better than his talent for hosting. He began appearing in movies in the 1990s, and earned his first Oscar nomination for the 1997 comedy "As Good as It Gets." Since then, he has been a fixture on the Hollywood scene. His other credits include "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Stuck on You."

Joel McHale

Joel revived "Talk Soup" in 2004, and the title of the show was changed to "The Soup." He remains with the show, but has branched out to other forms of entertainment. In addition to his starring role on the cult sitcom "Community," Joel appeared as a sleazy boss in the hit comedy "Ted" earlier this year. Given his talent for comedy, it's safe to assume that he will remain a major player for years to come.

Hal Sparks

Hal had a short run on "Talk Soup" before Aisha took over, but his career has flourished ever since. He had a regular role on the cable series "Queer as Folk," and has made guest appearances on a number of shows ever since. He has also done commentary on a number of VH1 specials, including "I Love the 80's." In terms of movies, Hal's most famous role came in the Ashton Kutcher comedy "Dude, Where's My Car?"

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