Adam Levine Spotted Kissing Model Behati Prinsloo in Hawaii -- Who Has He Dated?

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Adam Levine told Details magazine in a new cover story that he always has a girlfriend because he "terrified of being alone" and loves women so much. He was single for a hot minute - thanks to being dumped by Victoria's Secret model Anne V. - but it looks like he's back in the game. The Maroon 5 singer was spotted kissing another Victoria's Secret model, Namibia native Behati Prinsloo. The pair were reportedly attending a friend's wedding in Hawaii when the pic was snapped.

He didn't just meet her, either: The model is friends with Anne V. "Anne and Behati are good friends. Not best, but close enough," a source told US Weekly.

Awkward. We can't help but wonder if he's dating her to get back at his ex, especially because she dumped him and he didn't find out about it until the media started reporting on it.

"As a woman, you get to a point where you want to get married," an insider said of why they broke up. "Adam wasn't ready to take that step."

Anne V. and Behati Prinsloo aren't the only hotties he's dated.

Cocktail Server Rebecca Ginos

Levine dated cocktail server Rebecca Ginos back in 2007. He later told Howard Stern that he met her on her 21st birthday.

"We had sex the first night we met," he told Howard Stern of Ginos. Classy. Apparently it wasn't the start of a happy relationship: They broke up in 2008.

Cameron Diaz

Levine was spotted sharing a meal at the Chateau Marmont with Cameron Diaz back in May 2009. It didn't really develop into anything serious. Why? According to sources, she was too clingy.

"It's how she gets with every man. When Cameron likes someone, she smothers him," a "friend" told Star magazine.

"She and Adam have only had a few dates, but she's constantly calling and texting him."

Maria Sharapova

Levine reportedly dated tennis star Maria Sharapova in 2005 right after she turned 18. The fling was short-lived because "The Voice" singer didn't like her during sex, according to an interview he supposedly gave to Russia's Exile magazine. In the interview, he allegedly said that she acted like a "dead frog" in bed and it messed him up.

"It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil (an antidepressant) for a month afterwards. Really, it was much more of a shock than when I found out there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny."

The problem? The interview never happened. The writer, Mark Ames, said he wrote it as a satire piece to fill space.

"Americans are the most gullible f*****g morons on Planet Earth," he said in 2007 when threatened with a lawsuit from Levine.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson reportedly hooked up with Levine in 2004 while she was still married to Nick Lachey. They were spotted together at the Chateau Marmont in 2006 and Simpson left the next morning wearing his t-shirt.

It didn't last long, though. He reportedly broke up with her in a text message that read "Really busy. Need Space."

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