Adam Levine is Sexy, Single Again, and Sad - Other Stars Blindsided by Breakups

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Celeb Trend Report: Adam Levine and Other Celeb Men with New Fragrances

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Adam Levine

Adam Levine is finally single again, ladies! Don't cheer too loudly though, this hot bodied singer is singing the blues right now. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna dated Adam for two years but announced it to the world last week that she was calling it quits, leaving the Maroon 5 front man heartbroken.

According to an insider, the sexy model was hoping Adam would put a ring on it so when he didn't, it was time to give him the ol' heave ho.

We understand a babe like Anne can get any guy she wants but we're having a hard time understanding how any chick could leave Adam or that rockin' six pack of abs he has. While Adam is sitting around being blindsided by this breakup we're going to take a look at other celebs that have had sudden breakups.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

When these two started dating everyone was pretty shocked. What was America's sweetheart doing with a tough guy like Jesse James? The two seemed to be a perfect mix of yin and yang so when it was announced the two were divorcing due to Jesse's inability to stay faithful, Sandy fans were floored. Who in their right mind cheats on a babe like Sandy? This was definitely one breakup that blindsided not only Sandra but those that were rooting for this couple to stay together.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Like the rest of the world B-ball player Kris was shocked when it was announced through TMZ his marriage to Kim Kardashian was over after only 72 days. Sure, the two had problems and they were being filmed for television, but was the whole thing a total sham? We'll never know and Kris probably never will either. We're pretty tired of all the Kris and Kim wedding and divorce drama but this is definitely one dude who didn't see his breakup coming.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

J-Lo and Marc appeared to be the perfect Latin couple to their fans. When it was announced in summer of 2011 the two were divorcing after nearly seven years of marriage, this breakup blindsided their fans more than the couple actually involved. What happened? What about the twins? Allegations surfaced Marc was a control freak while Jenny from the Block was trying to stay sexy in her '40s. Almost a year later we're glad the two called it quits but the news was quite surprising when it was first announced.

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