Adam Levine Says 'I Hate This Country': His Other Controversial Comments

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Adam Levine Says 'I Hate This Country': His Other Controversial Comments

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Adam Levine

Adam Levine made his feelings known on Tuesday night's episode of "The Voice" when two of his three remaining singers were eliminated from the competition.

"I hate this country," he muttered under his breath.

It was obviously a sarcastic comment made in a moment of frustration, but some fans weren't so forgiving on Twitter. Levine seemed to take the furor in stride, tweeting a series of tongue-in-cheek dictionary definitions.

"joke- noun 1. something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or prankish act," he tweeted, adding, "hu·mor·less (hymr-ls) adj. 1. Lacking a sense of humor. 2. Said or done without humor."

It seems like celebrities can't say anything without offending someone, no matter how innocent the comment. Levine doesn't shy away from controversy, though: He's developed quite the reputation as an outspoken celebrity -- for better or for worse.

Adam Levine Vs. The Roxy

Levine's "hateful" comment isn't the first time he's used "The Voice" as a soapbox. He blasted iconic L.A. music venue The Roxy on the show last year.

"I remember we opened for her at the Roxy, and they didn't even give us a dressing room. I hate the Roxy. I'll never play there again," Levine ranted after one competitor's performance of a Michelle Branch song.

"They screwed us over," he said, referring to his band, Maroon 5. "And now they're paying for it."

It kind of backfired, though: Branch came to The Roxy's defense - and the venue even got the last laugh.

"Adam Levine Your Dressing Room Is Ready," The Roxy snarked on its marquee.

Adam Levine Vs. Music Critics

Everyone's a critic, and Levine apparently doesn't need to impress critics with his music. The singer told Inked magazine that he doesn't care what others think of his music - he just puts out music he wants to listen to.

"Music critics are all f**king idiots," he told the magazine in 2012.

"I would never put out a record I didn't want to listen to," he continued. "There's obviously a certain balance between pursuing an audience and pursuing what you love to do, but I love what we do."

But, Adam: You don't have a career unless you're making music fans want to listen to. Good things fans like the same music he does!

Adam Levine Vs. The MTV VMAs

Levine is one those music fans that laments MTV's switch from music television to reality shows - and he voiced that frustration during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

"the VMA's. one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I'm drawing a line in the sand. f**k you VMA's," Levine tweeted during the show.

Tell us: Do you appreciate that Adam Levine is outspoken, or should he keep his opinions to himself?

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