Adam Lambert Joins 5 Other Celebrities Thrown Out of A-List Parties

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Sure, rock stars trash hotel rooms, but it's not so much fun when a pop star trashes your birthday party. As Lady Gaga partied at her 25th birthday bash, an uninvited Adam Lambert drunkenly screamed and jumped on the furniture, and punched his fist through the ceiling. Though apparently the behavior was tolerated way longer than it should have been, the guest of honor finally had her security escort him out. Lambert now joins the "distinguished" ranks of celebrities who've been kicked out of, or banned from, the best parties.

Paris Hilton: Bored with all the other awards parties, apparently, Paris Hilton decided to crash the Creative Artist Agency's highbrow post-Golden Globes bash in 2009. When celebrity agent Kevin Huvane started calling for someone to drag the uninvited heiress out, she very cleverly hid in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she emerged at the behest of security and the LAPD. Word to the wise for party crashers--leave before the police shows up.

Madonna: Unlike Paris, Madonna got dragged out of a party she actually was welcome at--due to a case of mistaken identity. Apparently the fedora-wearing pop star got a little too close to Gwyneth Paltrow for her security's comfort, and they quickly escorted Madonna away--until someone finally recognized her. Lesson for Madonna--ditch the hat next time!

Seth Rogen: You know things are bad when you nearly get tossed out of your own party. While living the good life at a Maxim party for "Pineapple Express," some guests reportedly got annoyed by Rogen's "funny-smelling" cigarette. The comedian was ordered to put it out or get out, proving that maybe not everyone in Hollywood wants to get wasted on second-hand smoke.

Foxy Brown: The frequently-arrested rapper took a page from Paris Hilton's book during New York's 2011 Fashion Week. She crashed a fashion after-party drunk, then locked herself in the bathroom when security came after her. Brown later denied the story was true, just as she also denied flying into a rage over a missed manicure appointment, and denied telling Lil' Kim to "watch her back."

Kanye West & Lindsay Lohan: What's worse than getting thrown out of an A-List event? Not being let in in the first place. West showed up uninvited to several shows during 2011's Paris Fashion Week, wanting entrance to the fashion runway parties, even when he'd been told in advance he couldn't be "accommodated." Lindsay suffered the same fate, getting turned away from Madonna and Demi Moore's 2011 Oscar party, despite Josh Brolin's attempt to help. The moral of the story is to get an invitation before trying to get into a party, no matter how famous you are--or think you are.

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