Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dies at 54: A Look at His Best Roles

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Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dies at 54: A Look at His Best Roles

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Michael Clarke Duncan died much too young.

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan has tragically passed away. The 54-year-old actor, who burst onto the scene with his role in the Tom Hanks drama "The Green Mile," died on September 3 from complications due to a heart attack that he suffered in July. Since his passing, Hollywood has expressed a great appreciation for the late-blooming actor. "I am terribly saddened at the loss of Big Mike," said Hanks. "He was the treasure we all discovered on the set of 'The Green Mile.' He was magic. He was a big love of man and his passing leaves us stunned." While his Oscar nominated role in that drama was his most famous, the former bodyguard had several other classic roles. In celebration of his life, here is a look at some of his other great roles.

Franklin - "The Whole Nine Yards"

Following his work in "The Green Mile," the actor took on a much lighter role in this surprise hit that starred Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry. His character was a hitman, but he came across more like Santa Claus than a bad guy. His well-timed humor was a great addition to the movie, and his absence from the less-than-stellar sequel was definitely felt.

Lucius - "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

Proving that his comedic chops were the real deal, Michael landed a supporting role in Will Ferrell's wildly popular NASCAR movie. As one of Ricky's most trusted team members, Michael brought some great balance to a movie that leaned on the ludicrous style of Will and co-star John C. Reilly. While most of the jokes fell to the main stars, Michael did a brilliant job of holding his own with the comedic heavyweights. His presence in the star-studded film is hard to miss, and it wasn't just because of his massive frame.

Attar - "Planet of the Apes"

In this remake of the 1960s sci-fi classic, Michael proved that he didn't need to show his face in order to be effective. As a hulking leader of the ape military, the actor relies on his deep voice and body movements in order to shine through. Despite being hidden by heavy gorilla makeup, Michael's performance was one of the biggest highlights of a movie that otherwise fell short of expectations.

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