Actor Matthew Fox Busted for DUI - and Other Stars Recently Caught Driving Under the Influence

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Actor Matthew Fox is again in some hot water with the police after he was arrested in Oregon on suspicion of DUI. On May 4th, Fox was pulled over reportedly on his way to get food and was subsequently arrested when cops suspected his blood-alcohol content was above the legal limit. The "Lost" star was booked and released later in the day.

Last August, there was an incident involving Fox allegedly hitting a female bus driver in Ohio. After investigation however, the prosecutors decided not to press any charges on the 46-year-old Fox, who is certainly not the first celebrity to get into some recent trouble over driving drunk. Here now are some more notable instances.

Amanda Bynes - Back in the news over the weekend for an apparent hit-and-run, the former "All That" star was arrested last month on suspicion of DUI. Her mugshot, complete with pink hair was released to the press as well. Bynes father Rick defended her and claimed she hadn't had a drink that night and blamed the incident on the police car that pulled out in front of her. There has been no further word yet on the outcome of the charges.

Bobby Brown - In March of this year, the ex-husband of late singer Whitney Houston was busted in Los Angeles on suspicion of driving drunk. Brown's arrest came just days after Houston's autopsy results were released. Brown's lawyers negotiated a plea that got him a three year probation, a day in jail and a mandatory 90-day rehab assignment.

Rick Springfield - Late, late at night on May 1st 2011, the "Jesse's Girl" singer was arrested on charges of DUI in Malibu. The following month the former soap opera star turned pop star plead not-guilty to the charges. Springfield was able to find some humor in the situation though, as he quipped that his mugshot was at least better looking than the infamous Nick Nolte mugshot that has become the standard by which most celebrity mug shots are judged now.

Samantha Ronson - In August of 2011, the DJ and former girlfriend of another celebrity-DUI perpetrator Lindsay Lohan was arrested herself for driving drunk. Reportedly, Ronson was driving at about 89 miles per hour when a California Highway Patrol car pulled her over outside of Baker, California. According to the arresting officer, Ronson failed the sobriety test and she was booked on suspicion of DUI.

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