Actor Macaulay Culkin is Fine According to Rep: Other Child Stars that Experienced Trouble as Adults

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Macaulay Culkin is "just fine" according to reps.

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Macaulay Culkin is "just fine" according to reps.

Actor Macaulay Culkin is doing just fine. That is the word from a rep that responded to buzz that the former child star was in major trouble. An unflattering picture of the "Home Alone" actor seemed to suggest that he was unhealthy. However, his rep remarked that the photo of the super thin actor is a not an indication that he is sick. That is great news for Culkin. Sadly, there is a long history of child actors that had major issues as adults. Here are five former child stars that made the wrong kinds of headlines as grown-ups.

Corey Haim

The actor was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s. Along with buddy Corey Feldman, Haim became a teen idol for his roles in several comedies during the decade. However, he was never able to find success as an adult actor. A series of drug issues contributed to troubled years after the 1980s. The "License to Drive" star died of pneumonia in 2010 at the age of 38.

Brad Renfro

Renfro gained fame as the young boy in "The Client." He had a number of mild hits after that movie but never really did anything on the screen as an adult. Renfro did make headlines outside of the movie industry. He had numerous legal issues and once stole a yacht. He also struggled with drugs, leading to his demise. He died of a heroin overdose in 2008 at the age of 25.

Jodie Sweetin

Sweetin was the cute middle sister on the long running TGIF hit "Full House." However, her adult years were anything but sweet. Soon after the family friendly hit show went off the air, the actress started using crystal meth. The addiction led to major problems in her life but she later cleaned up her act. Sweetin even wrote a memoir about her troubles. Though she has cleaned up the drug issues, Sweetin now has trouble paying taxes.

River Phoenix

Phoenix comes from a Hollywood family and made a name for himself in movies like "Stand by Me." Though he was mostly known for being a responsible adult and activist, the actor ultimately died because of drugs. The actor died outside of a night club at the age of 23. A lethal mix of drugs was found to be the cause. Phoenix was on track to continue as a major star in movies but never got the chance.

Dana Plato

Plato was a child actor on "Diff'rent Strokes." Like other stars on this list, her career after the show was marked by trouble. The one-time charming actress grew up to experience a tremendous amount of financial and legal problems. She failed as a serious actress but did find a home in adult films. Plato died of an overdose in 1999. One day before her death she discussed her troubled life and her plans to rebound in an interview with shock jock Howard Stern.

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