Actor Dennis Quaid Filed for Third Divorce - Who Else Has Been Unlucky in Love Three Times?

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Actor Dennis Quaid Filed for Third Divorce - Who Else Has Been Unlucky in Love Three Times?

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Actor Dennis Quaid has filed for his third divorce.

It might be a little lonelier at Dennis Quaid's house over the holidays. He and his wife of eight years, Kimberly Buffington Quaid, are getting a divorce. Last week word broke that Dennis had filed papers seeking the split from Kimberly in Los Angeles County. The couple has certainly had a very tumultuous year. In March Kimberly filed for divorce, though she later withdrew that request, stating she and Dennis wanted to try and work things out. However, reconciliation apparently didn't work out: In October she filed for a legal separation, which is why Quaid's move to file divorce papers isn't a big surprise.

According to reports, the "Vegas" star is seeking joint custody of the couple's two children and he's offered to pay spousal support, as well. This is Quaid's third divorce, having been married to actresses P.J. Soles and Meg Ryan in the past. Quaid also has one child with Ryan as well. With his third divorce, Quaid becomes the latest actor in Hollywood to have struck out in marriage three times. Here are some of the other more notable members of that club.

The Unlucky Ladies - Though the stereotype tends to be that men have multiple divorces, there have been plenty of female celebs that have filed for divorce three times. Former "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez has been married and divorced three times since 1997, most recently splitting with singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has two kids. Comedic icon and recent presidential candidate Roseanne Barr has been married and divorced three times herself, with her most famous failed marriage being to comedian and actor Tom Arnold.

The Unlucky Men - Charlie Sheen may have made the word "winning" a catchphrase during his fight with "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre, but so far he's yet to find the winning combination in marriage. Sheen is a three-time divorcee, most recently splitting from Brooke Mueller in May 2011, after having been married to and divorced from actress Denise Richards. Sheen has two children with each lady. Skateboarding legend and video game impresario Tony Hawk has also had three marriages end in divorce. Hawk filed for divorce from his wife Lhotse Merriam in February 2011, though it has not been finalized yet. Tony has four kids from his three marriages.

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