Actor Bryan Cranston Celebrates Birthday: Trivia in His Honor

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Happy birthday to Bryan Cranston!

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Happy birthday to Bryan Cranston!

Actor Bryan Cranston is celebrating his 56th birthday. The "Breaking Bad" star was born on March 7, 1956. Though some might consider him a late bloomer, the actor has forged a great career in movies and television. He has proven himself in both comedic and dramatic roles. He has the award resume to prove that. The birthday boy is still going strong as his popular AMC series will start its fifth season this summer. How much do you know about Cranston? Here is some trivia in honor of the actor's birthday.

1. In 1982, Cranston made his television debut during the final season of a popular NBC television show. What was the name of the show that featured this milestone moment for the actor?

2. The actor has appeared in tons of television shows during his career. However, his most famous guest appearance is arguably his work on the comedy "Seinfeld." Cranston appeared in five episodes of the popular series. What character did he play?

3. The actor has twice appeared as an astronaut in projects developed by Tom Hanks. What were the names of those works?

4. The actor received three Emmy nominations for his work on the comedy series "Malcolm in the Middle." Several other actors on the show received nominations but only one was lucky enough to win. Who took home an Emmy for acting on the popular series?

5. Cranston won three straight Emmy awards for Best Actor in a Drama Series between 2008 and 2010. Who is the only other actor to win three straight awards in that category?


1. Cranston appeared in an episode of "ChiPs" during the sixth and final season of the show.

2. Cranston played the role of Tim Whatley, Jerry's dentist and occasional rival.

3. The actor had a cameo appearance as astronaut Gus Grissom in "That Thing You Do!" in 1996. The film was directed by Hanks. He later had a bigger role as Buzz Aldrin in the miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon." Hanks served as a producer on the project.

4. Cloris Leachman won two Emmy awards for her guest work on "Malcolm in the Middle."

5. Surprisingly, comedian Bill Cosby is the only other actor to win three straight in the dramatic category. He won between 1966 and 1968 for "I Spy."

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