Aaron Paul Shows Off Fiance - Other Stars with Little- Noticed Loves

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Aaron Paul Shows Off Fiance - Other Stars with Little- Noticed Loves

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Aaron Paul was all smiles as he shoes off his new leading lady!

Aaron Paul was all smiles when he won Best Supporting Actor at the Emmy Awards this weekend for his role as the lovable but deviant Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad."

"Oh my god," he said during his acceptance speech. "I truly didn't even attempt to prepare a speech - I can't believe I'm standing on this stage."

Aaron was up against several other heavy hitting TV actors including Jared Harris from "Mad Men" and Jim Carter from "Downton Abbey."

Although Aaron has plenty of people to thank in the industry the person he wanted to thank and gush about the most was his gorgeous blonde fiance Lauren Parsekian.

"Thank you so much for looking at me the way that you do, you truly saved me," the TV star said in tears to his fiance on stage. It was obvious as the loving couple walked the red carpet that Aaron was proud to show off his future wife.

The two announced their engagement last winter after Aaron proposed to his love in Paris. Lauren went on Facebook to show off her engagement ring shortly after.

What other celebrity loves have kept their relationship relatively quiet?

Josh Lucas

Southern hunk Josh Lucas is well known for his roles on "The Firm" and "Sweet Home Alabama" but most aren't privy to his love life. The sexy actor revealed last winter he was ready to settle down and get married, keeping the name of his soon to be wife hidden from the public.

After the star became married in March he couldn't keep her a secret anymore and the two revealed they were expecting a baby. The only information leaked about Mrs. Lucas is that her first name is Jessica and that she's a freelance writer. We're glad Josh and Jessica have decided to keep the media out of their love life. Far too few celebs have done the same.

Evan Rachel Wood

Her love life was all anyone could talk about when she dated and became engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson several years ago. Their on and off again relationship was constantly in the tabloids but now it appears Evan prefers to keep her current beau out of the public eye.

Last January it was announced Evan said yes to her boyfriend Jamie Bell's marriage proposal but since then the couple has zipped their lips on any wedding developments. In late March the two were spotted wearing wedding bands but E! News revealed the two hadn't actually filed for a marriage license in Los Angeles.

Do you prefer when celeb couples keep their love on the lowdown or do you like it when they're business is constantly documented in gossip magazines? Sound off!

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