9 Celebrity Men Laura Dern Should Rebound With

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Five of the Great "Santas" on the Big and Small Screen

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Five of the Great "Santas" on the Big and Small Screen

News of the sudden split of Laura Dern and her husband musician Ben Harper, sent the celebrity news world buzzing, especially since it seemed like things were going rather well for the duo. Harper filed for divorce after five years of marriage.

So we all know that nothing is better revenge for getting dumped than stepping out with someone hot, and having fun. Here's a list of ten guys Laura Dern should date to show up her ex-husband and have a little fun in the process. And for all intents and purposes let's pretend these guys don't have girlfriends, because technically they're single.

John Mayer

Why not take on another hot, young musician? Mayer's laying low right now and doesn't have any major projects going on, so he's got the time for a high profile romance with Dern. I think they'd look really good together. And he's dated an older woman before with Jennifer Aniston.

George Clooney

The world's hottest bachelor would definitely be a big catch for Laura Dern. While they've never costarred in anything together, they have several friends in common, so it would be an easy match. They would be a very glamorous, mature Hollywood couple. Clooney's working on his charity projects and between movies right now, so why not start a new romance?

Liam Neeson

Currently filming his latest project, "Battleship," Neeson hasn't been on the dating scene since the sudden death of his wife, Natasha Richardson in 2009. Both Dern and Neeson have children, so they know what being a single parent is like, and could be a great match.

John Stamos

John Stamos has been stepping up his celebrity profile after guest starring on "Glee." Since his split with Rebecca Romijn, he hasn't had a high profile relationship. Laura Dern should scoop up this hottie and definitely show the world that she's back.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin's career caught a second win with his award winning role on NBC's "30 Rock." Baldwin's getting better with age, and he would be a handsome and fun guy to get over a break up with. Out of everyone on this list, I can see these two totally hitting a red carpet together.

Charlie Sheen

How about a bad boy? If you're looking for a little fun, why not date "Two and a Half Men" star, Charlie Sheen? He definitely likes to have fun, and always goes to Vegas, so he seems like a good fit for Laura Dern to blow off a little steam with.


Another younger musician, Usher is touring and promoting his latest album, Raymond v. Raymond, and has recently divorced as well. Laura Dern would totally be crowned "Queen Cougar" stepping out with one of the hottest guys in music right now.

Quentin Tarantino

How about a romance AND a comeback? Quentin Tarantino is about to be roasted at the Friars Club, and Laura Dern could use an Uma Thurman type of role like "Kill Bill". Tarantino is famous for writing roles that are against 'type' and it would be so cool to see what he could come up with for her.

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton became relevant again after his stint on Season 11 of "Dancing With the Stars," and if Laura Dern is tired of younger musicians, maybe an older one would do. And how can you resist a guy that can belt out "When a Man Loves a Woman?" They would look good together, too.

So that's my list of who Laura Dern should hook up with. There's quite a variety from directors, musicians, actors, older and younger. What do you think, who should be the rebound guy for her?

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