7 Worst Dressed Emmy Attendees of All Time

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The Annual Emmy Awards is not just about being nominated and winning. It's also a chance for attending celebrities to showcase their sense of style to the public. To stand out, one must be creative and a little brave. Some celebs have been known to go over the top, and show up to the Emmys with head-turning gear. Unfortunately, garnering negative comments about their attire. Listed below are 7 celebrities who have shown up to the Emmys over the years in dreadfully unforgettable clothes.

Chyna Doll

In 1999, Chyna Doll showed up to the red carpet looking like she was ready to jump into a wrestling ring rather than attend an awards ceremony. She got plenty of attention with her studded leather ensemble, but not in a good way.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

In 2008, the Ghost Whisperer star showed up at the Emmy Awards wearing a black and white dress sporting a strange pattern of oddly pleated stripes and polka dots. The dress was designed by Carolina Herrera, and it fit Hewitt's figure well. But, it would have suited her appearance better if she had stuck with a solid color instead of this bizarre pattern.

Victoria Rowell

In 2009, Victoria Rowell was turning heads on the red carpet with a body wrap style dress, customized with Barack Obama's face printed on it. Ok Victoria, you want to show off you support the president and that's wonderful. But let's keep political campaigning out of the Emmys please.

Phoebe Price

Rowell wasn't alone in 2009, Phoebe Price showed up to the Emmys with another clear example of creativity gone wrong. She was sporting a sloppy updo, and an even sloppier dress. The pink and white ensemble was form fitting to her torso, however, the rest was just a mess. Taking a chance at something different just made her look sloppy.

Kate Gosselin

In 2010, the famous octo-mom showed up at the Emmys wearing a black Carmen Marc Valvo dress, which may have looked good, if it had been tailored. The top of the dress hung too loosely around Kate's neck, and did not conform to her figure, giving her a droopy appearance.

Heidi Klum

Along with Kate in 2010, Heidi Klum went back to the basic idea of "less is more" by walking the red carpet adorned in a black glittering Marchesa LBD. But sadly, instead of showing off her assets, the short dress and added accessories gave her a bulky appearance.

Mindy Kaling

Also in 2010, Mindy Kaling showed up at the Emmys with an ensemble that was literally over the top. Her black dress was flared up at the shoulders, and poofed out below the waist. Kaling was trying to support a budding designer by the name of Aguri Sagamori. But the dress made her look like she was about to float away on a dark cloud.

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