7 Funniest Moments of the 2013 Emmy Awards

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7 Funniest Moments of the 2013 Emmy Awards

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Neil Patrick Harris

From Elton John's performance in honor of Liberace, to the in memoriam tributes, the 2013 Emmy Awards were an emotional affair.

Yet there were just as many comedic moments as there were tearjerkers during last night's awards show. In chronological order, here's a look at some of the funniest moments from last night's show.

1. Neil Patrick Harris's Paula Deen Joke Falls Flat

In his opening monologue, NPH tried to push the envelope by inserting a joke about the disgraced former Food Network star. As he joked, "for every Walter White, there's 'Orange is the New Black'...or as Paula Deen now has to refer to it, 'Orange is the New African American.'"

The comedic element came not from this cringe-worthy joke itself, but rather from the confused reaction of the audience. I had a good laugh as NPH awkwardly squirmed and quipped, "not soon enough?"

2. NPH and Jane Lynch Jokingly Flirt

During the opening monologue, past hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, and Lynch interrupted to offer him some pointers. When Jane complained that she wasn't asked back because she was a woman, Neil responded, "I don't think anyone that watched you host that night thought of you as a woman." Jane responded by offering to show him how much of a woman she really was.

It's a shame Neil's character only made a one-episode appearance on "Glee." Jane and Neil are comedic gold together. Is it too late to start shipping Sue Sylvester and Bryan Ryan?

3. Social Media Reporter Shemar Moore Is "#Awkward"

Apparently, CBS made him the "social media reporter" at the Emmys, but this experiment was a hashtag fail. Standing next to Bob Newhart and Carrie Underwood, the "Criminal Minds" star was painfully wooden and robotic. It was so bad that it was funny.

As AP Entertainment joked, "Who is starting the SHEMAR MOORE #Emmy host petition for 2014?"

4. Merritt Wever Gives Best Acceptance Speech Ever

The "Nurse Jackie" star won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and gave the best speech ever. Looking a bit frazzled and confused, she awkwardly gushed, "thank you so much...um...thank you so much...um...I gotta go!"

5. NPH Breaks Into Song 'In The Middle of the Show'

NPH, who apparently has "Excessive Hosting Disorder" held out until the middle of the show before he finally broke into song, appropriately titled, "The Number in the Middle of the Show."

This fun interlude featured some rocking moves (including NPH doing a back flip down a stair case!), the Emmy Gold Dancers in the "middle of the number," and cameos by Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman (who couldn't resist saying "vagina" on television). This lighthearted interlude provided the perfect breather in this 3-hour-long awards show.

6. "No One In America Is Winning Their Emmy Office Pool"

It was a night of upsets as "The Voice" beat out "Amazing Race," "The Colbert Report" beat out the "Daily Show," and Tony Hale of "Veep" beat out three of the "Modern Family" guys. And "Breaking Bad" seemed to be on a surprising losing streak before finally winning the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

NPH said what many of us were thinking. "No one in America is winning their Emmy office pool." I found the joke quite amusing. Then again, I didn't actually have any money riding on last night's results.

7. Michael Douglas Shares His Award With Matt Damon

Michael won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his role in "Behind the Candelabra." During his acceptance speech, he offered to share his award with his on-screen partner, Matt. As he joked, "this was a two-hander. And Matt, you're only as good as your other hand...You really deserve half of this. So you want the bottom or the top?"

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