64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Tweets and Twitpics

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64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Tweets and Twitpics

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Sofia Vergara

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place on Sunday night, Sept. 23, and to little surprise "Modern Family" was one of the big winners of the evening. However, the ceremony was also full of surprises, such as "Homeland" beating "Mad Men" for Best Drama and "Game Change" knocking off "Harfields & McCoys" for Best Mini-Series.

Here is a look at what the stars had to say on Twitter about the winners and losers of the Emmy Awards.

"By the way I met and hugged @louisck and he can't pretend it didn't happen." - Lena Dunham

"Rocking the red carpet with Manolo! http://say.ly/Cam4eCs." - Sofia Vergara

" Remember when the night was young and we were filled with hope. @girlsHBO #HBO pic.twitter.com/HtUtOQ3r." - Judd Apatow

"Yes we won an Emmy, but now you all have just won a Sofia.http://say.ly/azD4eBx." - Eric Stonestreet

"So stoked for #Homeland- it killed it tonight #Emmys. Have to say, Sons Of Anarchy should be here tonight. Somehow. Someway. Robbed." - Carson Daly

"#Emmys Julianne Moore flawless performance #gamechange." - Jessica Alba

"Self portrait at #Emmys! @dariofranchitti pic.twitter.com/BFm2vSFn." - Ashley Judd

"2 hours in and Billy Crystal still hasn't shown up for his song and dance number. Getting worried. #emmys." - Jimmy Kimmel

"For the record, I think [H]ouse should've won best drama at least twice.. #Emmys" - Omar Epps

"Hanging with the loveliest ladies in the land. #Emmys http://say.ly/NUt4eCz." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"obsessed with homeland...so happy for those guys." - Ryan Seacrest

"Right before @ZooeyDeschanel pushed @OfficialJLD down the stairs and took the #Emmy. http://say.ly/sCJ4eA5 ." - Jesse Tyler Ferguson

"Congrats to @thedailyshow. Good people." - Jimmy Fallon

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