’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson Out of the Casting Race?

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’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson Out of the Casting Race?

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Ian Somerhalder has had a lot to say about '50 Shades of Grey'

The casting buzz about the upcoming "50 Shades of Grey" movie has been almost as crazy as its plot about a BDSM relationship! So who will play Christian Grey and his student sex slave?

According to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, the hacker group known as Anonymous recently gained access to the internal server of German studio Constantin Film. They claimed that they discovered an internal document attaching Emma Watson to the role of Anastasia Steele in the "50 Shades" film.

A rep for Focus Features denied that casting talks have started, but The Atlantic Wire speculated that the " denial is all a smokescreen and that Watson really is on board." So is this why Emma turned down the lead role in Disney's live-action version of "Cinderella?"

Nope. Here's what Emma recently tweeted: " Who here actually thinks I would do 50 Shades of Grey as a movie? Like really. For real. In real life." So "Harry Potter" fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Hermione won't be trading her wand for whips and handcuffs.

So if Emma doesn't play Anastasia Steele, then who will?

"Pretty Little Liars" actress Ashley Benson recently filmed a risque sex scene in "Spring Breakers" that called for her to partake in a steamy threesome with James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens, so she's definitely not bashful. She's also a big "50 Shades of Grey" fan who once told Celebuzz, "I've read every book. I want to play Anastasia ." Ashley recently traded her beach-blonde locks for a darker brunette 'do, so maybe she's getting ready to go after the part.

Ashley is also dating someone who knows a bit about kinky sex practices involving bondage and spanking -- James Franco got to explore Christian Grey's world when he produced a documentary about BDSM titled "Kink." Franco stated that he'd be happy to play Christian Grey if Gus Van Sant directs "50 Shades," but the 34-year-old "Spring Breakers" star might be a bit too old for the role judging from something fan favorite Ian Somerhalder recently said.

According to Just Jared, Ian said this during a recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live:" "There are so many young boys up for this role. I can't say anything other than it's a very interesting story." So it almost sounds like 34-year-old Ian has been told that he's too ancient to play the 27-year-old business tycoon with a sex dungeon. As many Somerhalder supporters know, "The Vampire Diaries" star was one of the first actors to express an interest in the role last April when he told Ryan Seacrest that starring in the movie would be a "phenomenal opportunity."

So if a "young boy" gets cast as Christian Grey, then who will it be?

"Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford is 27 years old, and he has stated that he "would love the challenge" presented by such a raunchy role. "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill is a little older at age 29, but a lot of fans think that he's perfect for the "50 Shades of Grey" movie. When Details asked the actor if he'd be interested in the movie, he had this to say: "Whether that happens, that decision will be made at the time it has to be made. It would be a very different kind of thing than 'Man of Steel.'"

So do you think that Ashley Benson would make a better Anastasia Steele than Emma Watson? And would Chace Crawford or Henry Cavill make the best Ian Somerhalder replacement?

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