50 Cent Talks Car Accident and Other Celebs Involved in Violent Crashes

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"In Da Club" rapper 50 Cent was injured last week when his car was smashed while driving down New York's Long Island Expressway. He and his driver were taken to the hospital, but Fiddy claims it was just a precaution and he's fine.

"[The Mack Truck[ tried to brake, his load shifted, and he lost control and he ran into the back of the truck," the rapper told MTV News. It did more damage to the Mack Truck than it did to my truck, 'cause I got a level six; it's a bulletproof vehicle. It's the same standard as what they're moving Obama around in."

Guess you need some protection when you've been shot nine times.

However, the sometimes actor dismisses claims that he staged the accident to promote his new album, Five (Murder by Numbers). We've gotta believe him: No one in his right mind would risk his life for records sales. Still, 50 Cent now joins an elite club of celebrities who were injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Miranda Cosgrove

Singer and "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove had to postpone her tour last August after she broke her ankle in a serious tour bus accident near Vandalia, Illinois.

"There were five passengers on the bus, and Miranda suffered a broken ankle," her rep told US Weekly at the time, adding that her tour would be postponed until further notice. "At this time, we are told everyone will be fine."

The star's mother was also seriously injured in the crash, a source told People at the time. "A piece from the tractor-trailer went straight through the windshield and the driver's arm was sliced all the way through."

Yikes. We're glad no life was lost because of it.

Gloria Estefan

Miami-based singer Gloria Estefan was almost paralyzed in 1990 after a violent tour bus accident in Pennsylvania. The singer's back was broken, but her husband Emilio told her to stay still - she would have been paralyzed if she tried to move around.

The freakiest part of the accident? Estefan said she had a weird premonition that day.

"Just before the crash I put on a movie, stretched out on the couch, made sure our son was in his bunk and fell asleep. Then the bus stopped suddenly, I opened my eyes. There was a terrible explosion. Then I was on the floor. Then it went eerily quiet," she told the U.K. Daily Mail in 2008.

"I knew I had broken my back because I felt a searing pain in my spine. I called for Emilio, who had been sitting by the driver, but only his tennis shoes remained. He'd been knocked out of them to the back of the bus."

The Estefan's were eventually rewarded a nearly $10-million settlement for the crash.

Ryan Dunn

Former "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had been drinking all day on June 20, 2011, when his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 went flying over a guardrail and into a wooded area. The car burst into flames, killing Dunn and his passenger.

"I don't know what to say, except I love Ryan Dunn and I'm really going to miss him," his "Jackass" cohort Steve O tweeted after the accident.

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