50 Cent to Oprah: ‘Either Pray or Worry!’

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Ms. Oprah Winfrey can pat herself on the back. Last night was another great night on OWN. Her on-location talk show, "Oprah's Next Chapter" gave viewers a compelling twofer. First she interviewed Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson. The interview took place at grandma Katherine Jackson's new home. At 83, Katherine is raising her grandchildren who were orphaned when the King of Pop died in 2009.

Oprah's conversation with Paris was compassionate and revealing. Viewers might have felt a pang or two of deja vu. Earlier this year Winfrey interviewed Bobbi Kristina Brown. Krissy is the only daughter of the late, great songstress Whitney Houston. The Paris interview felt much less claustrophobic as it's been three years since the world and the Jackson family lost Michael.

This show was actually a double Jackson showcase.

Rapper 50 Cent almost lost his life too soon as well. At only 20 years old he was shot at point blank range 9 times. Curtis Jackson grew up on the rough streets of Queens, New York. The fact that he became a drug dealer was status quo in his neighborhood. He never knew his father and his mother was killed when he was just a child.

Like Paris, Curtis also had a loving grandmother. In fact, he credits his grandparents with saving his life. When he was 12 and sneaking off to sell drugs Mrs. Jackson thought that he was at his after school program.

50 Cent has had a number of vicious hip hop wars with his fellow rappers, but his most unlikely enemy was Oprah. Last night's episode ended the feud that the two were supposedly having although they had never met. 50 apparently even named his dog "Oprah" so that she would be his "bitch.' He also has a cat named Gayle. Fittingly, Oprah's BFF Gayle King was present for the interview as well.

Mr. Jackson was intelligent, polite and earnest. There were no "In Da Club" moments in this interview. Curtis, who recently dated Chelsea Handler, told Oprah that he meditates and reads Deepak Chopra. Life is often fun but measured for the man who bought Mike Tyson's massive Connecticut mansion. In addition to showing the cameras his Grandma's pink basement where he sleeps from time to time, the rapper also spoke about his charity work in Africa.

The 50 Cent interview will continue on OWN next week. However, the greatest moment thus far was when Fiddy shared a brilliant and thoughtful quote with Oprah. "You should either pray or worry -- don't do both," said the former street kid. "If you pray and then worry," he explained, "How do you think that makes God feel?"

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