5 Worst Dressed Celebs at the Golden Globes - Nicole Kidman, Madonna, and More!

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Physical activity helps Zooey Deschanel relax, and she believes exercise is the No. 1 mood stabilizer.

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Physical activity helps Zooey Deschanel relax, and she believes exercise is the No. 1 mood stabilize …

The 69th Annual Golden Globes were held on Sunday night in Beverly Hills and although some of Hollywood's most awesome A-listers showed up to win awards, others showed up looking sadly sloppy. Here are the worst looks of 2012's Golden Globes.


We have a love/hate relationship with Madonna. On one hand, she's the queen of pop music and she's one legend not to mess with. On the other hand, her style these days is a total mess. What's going on with Madge?

The pop star wore a cleavage baring sparkly gown with an ugly textured bottom accompanied with a cross around her neck and diamond bracelets. This is one Hollywood hottie who has seen better days.

Zooey Deschanel

Oh Zooey, where do we begin? Zooey is the style icon of hipsters everywhere and while we usually love her edgy, indie looks we can't say we enjoyed Sunday night's dress.

The custom designed dark green silk Prada dress was beautiful but paired with Zooey's hair and mini-tuxedos painted on her nails, the overall look wasn't her best.. The star's shoulder length cut looked more like mudflaps and some even speculated she might have been wearing a wig.

Natalie Portman

We know Nat just had a baby this past year but why look so frumpy? The new mom and butt of Ricky Gervais's jokes for the evening had dazzling pearly skin and a radiant smile but unfortunately her fuchsia colored strapless dress wasn't one of her best red carpet looks. Better luck next year, Natalie.

Tilda Swinton

The hair. The washed out complexion. The awful blue dress. Need we say more?

Nicole Kidman

Yuck! What is wrong with this picture? Nicole is usually such a picture of perfect celebrity fashion we were shocked when she showed up to the red carpet in this hideous ensemble. The halter cut and ugly pattern on the nude colored dress look all wrong here but at least Nicole's skin is flawless as usual. Should she fire her stylist?

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