5 Things About Selena Gomez's Rumored New Man Ed Sheeran

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5 Things About Selena Gomez's Rumored New Man Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez are allegedly hooking up

Has Selena Gomez replaced Justin Bieber with another singing sensation?

According to Us Weekly, an insider has revealed that Selena is hooking up with British musician Ed Sheeran. The source dished, "She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. This is a nice escape from the drama."

Selena was reportedly introduced to Ed by his pal/tour mate/collaborator Taylor Swift, and Gomez enjoys spending time with the "Lego House" singer because he's "sensitive and sweet and a lot deeper than Justin." However, since Ed isn't the headline-maker that the Biebs is, here's a bit of fun trivia about Selena's rumored beau:

Taylor Swift was almost impaled by his sword

One of Ed's most prized possessions is a weapon he received from "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson. However, the singer discovered that it's never a good idea to wield a sword straight from Middle Earth on a modern-day airplane. Here's what he told MTV News about flying with his beloved blade: "The plane is kind of taking off and [the sword] started sliding down and I was like, 'No!' It was just about to impale Taylor." Luckily, Taylor was spared from getting sliced. Now all Ed needs is a breastplate and a metal helmet if he wants to be Selena's knight in shining armor.

One Direction would love for him to be the band's sixth member

Sheeran has collaborated with One Direction on a few of the group's songs, and the guys get along with him so well that he feels like another member of the band. Niall Horan told the Daily Star this about their pal: "Getting to write and record with Ed on our album was an honor. We need a ginger guy in the group. The closest thing we have is an Irish guy, me."

He let Harry Styles give him a tattoo

However, Ed seems to share an extra-special bond with 1D band member Harry Styles, which might be a bit awkward since Selena is BFFs with Harry's ex. In fact, Sheeran has tattoos honoring both of the former lovebirds -- Ed actually let Harry give him a tiny padlock tattoo, and he has the logo for Taylor's "Red" album inked on his arm. Ed and Harry also have matching "bro tats" that pay homage to British cartoon character Pingu the penguin.

His favorite redhead isn't Rupert Grint -- or himself

As a male redhead, Ed knows that it's important for ginger guys to support each other. So when Entertainmentwise asked the singer to choose his favorite celebrity with red hair, this is what he said: "Prince Harry is my fave redhead. Only because ginger women are fine, they'll always have the sex appeal but the ginger boys have it tough. Prince Harry just had to be born and he was loved!" However, it's kind of odd that he didn't pick "Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint since the actor appeared in Ed's "Lego House" music video.

He sweats a lot

Hopefully being around Selena doesn't make Ed too nervous -- his excessive sweating has already scared off one sexy singer. Here's what Ed told The Sun about his run-in with another beautiful brunette: "I sweat a lot on stage and did a show in Canada. I played the set, stormed it, sweated a lot, got off stage and bumped into Katy Perry. I was like, 'All right Katy Perry, how are you?' She said, 'I came to your show and I love your album. I was gonna give you a hug, but eeugh!' and went. That was my chance ruined because I sweated so much."

It sounds like Ed is having much better luck with Selena, but perhaps he should try to stay cool and keep his sword stored somewhere safe.

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