5 Things to Know About 'The Hunger Games' Star Elizabeth Banks

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Elizabeth Banks has made a name for herself in films like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and on television on shows like "30 Rock", but it's likely that she'll be introduced to a whole new generation of fans with her role as Effie Trinkett in "The Hunger Games."

What do you need to know about this 38-year-old actress? Plenty.

She Used a Surrogate to Carry Her Son

Banks surprised fans when she announced the birth of her son, Felix, in March 2011. She wasn't pregnant - instead, she turned to a surrogate to help bring her child into the world.

"It was frankly the only way for my husband and I, who have been together for nearly 20 years, could have a child that was half him and half me. So, for us, it was absolutely the way to go," Banks revealed to SheKnows.com earlier this year.

Banks Isn't Her Real Last Name

Many actors change their names to work in Hollywood, but they do it to make themselves sound better. Not Banks - the actress was forced to change her name when another actress had her last name (Mitchell) in the Screen' Actor's Guild.

"(Elizabeth Mitchell) had just joined SAG, so I had to get a new last name. I called SAG, and they said Banks was available. I cried when I changed it," she said of her name change.

She's Not Happy

The actress has plenty to be happy about with her life, but she's definitely not the perky actress that many things she should be.

"I'm not a particularly shiny, happy person," Banks said. "I'm fairly cynical, and that's what draws me to comedy."

She Thinks Sex is 'Embarrassing'

Very few actors would probably say that filming sex scenes is an enjoyable thing to do - after all, who wants to be naked with a whole room full of people watching? Banks is no exception.

"Well, it's a fairly ridiculous act," she said of onscreen sexytime. "I mean, let's be honest: It's a very primal thing that you're doing and it involves, you know - it's what they call bumping uglies, which sort of puts it in the right place."

She's a Self-Proclaimed Feminist

Banks has recently branched out into producing others projects. Like many actresses, she wants to be in control of her own career in Hollywood.

"I'm a sort of Type A personality who likes a little control in my life. So it's probably just gaining back a little control over what I'm doing in my daily life here in good old Hollywood, USA," she said.

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