5 Stupid Ways Kanye West Could Show His Love for Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian recently turned her love for Kanye West into a fashion statement by wearing a pair of "K" and "W" earrings. Kanye was probably deeply moved by her romantic gesture, but now he's got to find a creative way to top it. Here are a few ways the rapper could show Kim just how much he cares:

A Tattoo

Kanye could always get Kim's face tattooed on his chest so that she could look at herself when they're… never mind. This could also prove to be a stupid idea because Kim's face will probably drastically change as she continues her quest to look like a Cheshire cat.

A Necklace

Yeezy is obviously a fan of junk in the trunk since he's also dated video vixen Amber Rose, so maybe he should celebrate his favorite part of Kim's body by having a mold made of her butt and encasing it in platinum. He could then wear it on a chain (it would only be slightly bigger than that crazy Egyptian necklace he wore at the BET Awards in 2010).

A Speech

If Kanye is still hanging around the Kardashian household when the 2014 Oscars roll around (yeah right), he could show his love for Kim by telling the world what an excellent actress she is. Of course someone sweet like Michelle Williams will be accepting the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and he'll have to interrupt the presentation to say, "I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Kim's performance in Tyler Perry's 'The Marriage Counselor' was the best supporting actress performance of all time. OF ALL TIME." Or he could just take over Kim's Twitter and respond to all her haters for her - it might be a good way to get all that anger out of his system, and he would end up being preoccupied forever.

Have a Hologram Made for Her

You know that Yeezy had to be extremely jealous that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg got to perform with the Tupac hologram at Coachella, so the man that prides himself on being innovative might want to get his hands on the technology behind it himself. He could have a hologram made in Kim's likeness so that she can just sit around and talk to it or stare it all day. Maybe he could even have one made that's like a virtual paper doll for her to play dress-up with - Kim would end up spending the rest of her life using it to decide which outfit to wear, which would keep her away from the paparazzi and our TVs (we can dream).

Put her in a Music Video

Kim already tried her hand at singing and we know how that turned out -- it's highly unlikely that anyone turned up her song "Jam (Turn It Up)" when they heard it, so it probably should have been called "Jam (Turn It Off)" instead. However, she might be better at being a video vixen like Kanye's ex Amber. Kanye turned Selita Ebanks into a bird in his "Runaway" video, so maybe he should turn Kim into a creature, too. She obviously thinks she's a pretty foxy lady, so she could be transformed into a furry fox. And since they both love to wear fur and get lots of hate from PETA, the couple could piss off the animal rights organization by having Kanye "skin" Kim. Artistic, right?

So do you think that Kanye will pull some crazy stunt to show his love for Kim, and are you already tired of hearing about this couple? Sound off in the comments!

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