5 Reasons Kim and Kanye Make the Perfect Couple

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5 Reasons Kim and Kanye Make the Perfect Couple

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Together, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the ultimate power couple. It's about time these two celebrities started dating! Kim's whirlwind marraige to Kris Humphries did not work out. However, it seems that Kim has found her match. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Fashion Obsessed

These two celebs are always making a fashion statement. They often match their outfits together and sport Kanye's clothing line. Clearly, fashion is something that is important to Kimye. In the past, that fashion sense was not shared by all of their previous partners. West's line is even featured in an episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' where Kim receives an enormous rack of clothes from him. Kanye has dated various models, but none of them can fill out his clothing line's pants like Kim can!

2. Unafraid of Scandal

This famous pair has endured their fair share of scandal. Kim capitalized her fame with a sex tape and made her family name an empire. Kanye spoke out of turn when Taylor Swift received an award and embraced the scandal it caused. Each star's fame was amplified by a less than flattering event. These two might just be made for one another!

3. Superstars

Both of these celebrities are bona fide superstars. Kim is well-known in the reality world while Kanye is known for his music empire. Both celebrities have had so much success that many of their previous partners could not handle the fame and swarms of paparazzi. It is good to have a partner who can handle that level of fame, and these two certainly understand how to handle the craziness of superstardom.

4. Highly Motivated

Kim and Kanye are two highly motivated individuals! Both have created huge empires including a clothing line, music, reality, perfume/cologne, and more. If it exists, they probably have a product out there. Before fans and haters know it, these two will be launching a mass amount successful products together. Is it possible that an even bigger celebrity could emerge from this relationship?

5. Longtime Loves

Kanye and Kim have always had a crush on one another. They simply did not have the right timing. Their timing has finally matched up so that they could get together. They say that timing is everything in life, and maybe it is time for these stars to have some luckiness in love.

It can't be said for sure if these two will last forever. In fact, most people would say the cards are stacked against a celebrity relationship. Only time will tell!

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