5 Most Awkward Moments from 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 17 Premiere

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5 Most Awkward Moments from 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 17 Premiere

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Carrie Ann Inaba

Last night, "Dancing With the Stars" season 17 premiered with an unprecedented high level of competition, as contestants like Amber Riley, Elizabeth Berkley, and Corbin Bleu gave performances that far exceeded week 1 expectations.

Still, this week's premiere was not without its awkward moments. Here's a look at at some of the most cringe-worthy moments from last night's show.

5. Val Chmerkovskiy Prefers Kelly Kapowski Over Jessie Spano

Poor Elizabeth has had to spend years playing second banana to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. So how awkward was it to hear Val talking about how he preferred Kelly to Jessie on "Saved By the Bell"?

I guess we could cut him some slack. After all, the Russian heartthrob related to Kelly more because she had a "Slavic name." But poor Jessie. Let's hope she doesn't start spazzing out on caffeine pills again.

4. Bruno Tonioli Wants Leah Remini To Twerk Next Week

You know a show is desperate for ratings when they're finding random excuses to talk about Miley Cyrus. After Leah Remini performed, Bruno, out of nowhere, talked about her "foxy trot" and how she "went for a Miley Cyrus moment." He then commented that he wanted her to twerk next week.

After the judges delivered the scores, Leah said it best when she asked, "can I go?"

3. Bill Nye the Sexual Tension Guy

He should have stuck to playing the lovable geek. Why oh why did he have to start begging for sexual tension in his partnership with Tyne Stecklein?

After seeing that awkward rehearsal footage, my childhood images of the lovable Science Guy have been tainted a bit. And his wooden cha cha, set to "Weird Science," was uncomfortable to watch.

2. Len Goodman Talks About Pocket Rockets

After Snooki performed her cha cha, Len described her as a "pocket rocket." While the British judge meant it in a family-friendly way, as Tom Bergeron pointed out, "some expressions don't translate well across the pond."

1. Bruno Apologizes for Being Creepy

Bruno has spent years on the panel ogling hot men like William Levy, so you know he's gone overboard when he actually has to apologize for "being creepy." Yes Bruno, Brant Daugherty is very pretty, but he's not on your team. He made that very clear with the way he flirted with his partner, Peta Murgatroyd.

I'm kind of rooting for this showmance to happen. After two seasons of partnering with attractive, but taken men (Gilles Marini and Sean Lowe), I'd be happy for her to find love with the available Brant.

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