5 Kids of Celebrities Gone Wrong

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Billy Bob Thornton

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Billy Bob Thornton

They grow up with a rich and famous mommy or daddy; they are exposed to all the privileges that money can buy. Yet they still get into trouble. Kids of celebrities can turn out great. Just look at Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, or Will and Jada Smith's children Willow and Jaden. However, sometimes they go wayward. Here are five examples:

Billy Bob Thornton's daughter: Amanda Brumfeld

Ever since Angelina Jolie left Billy Bob Thornton, you don't hear much about him. However, his daughter Amanda Brumfeld, 32, just hit the headlines, and not in a good way. Bloomfield was convicted of aggravated manslaughter in the death of a 1-year-old girl she was babysitting in Orlando, Fla. in 2008. Amanda claimed Olivia Garcia's daughter tried to climb out of her playpen and fell and hit her head, but prosecutors proved otherwise. Thornton's daughter faces sentencing this July.

Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett's son: Redmond O'Neal

The beautiful actress died of cancer in June of 2009. Fortunately for her son, Redmond O'Neal, 26, he was permitted to leave jail to attend her funeral with approximately 200 friends and family that included her partner Ryan O'Neal and her best friend Alana Stewart. At the time of the funeral, Redmond was serving an 18-month sentence for drugs and was given just three hours to attend the event.

Michael Douglas' son: Cameron Douglas

Could it be that the reason why kids of celebrities go wrong is because of their famous parent or parents? Michael Douglas blames himself for his son's problems with drugs, calling himself a "bad father." Cameron Douglas, 32, was sent to prison for five years for selling cocaine and methamphetamine.

"My son has not been sober for this length of time since he was 13 years old," says Michael. "He was going to be dead or somebody was gonna kill him. I think he has a chance to start a new life, and he knows that."

Hulk Hogan's son: Nick Bollea

The son of the most famous professional wrestler, Nick Bollea, 20, has a thing for drinking and driving fast, but this time his passion got him into trouble. Bollea spent time in jail for reckless driving that caused an accident that severely injured a passenger in his car, John Graziano. Graziano is expected to spend the rest of his life with full-time nursing care.

Laurence Fishburne's daughter: Montana Fishburne

Montana Fishburne, 19, has embarrassed her father Laurence Fishburne in more ways than one. Not only is the 19-year-old a porn star, but she's been in trouble with the law. Montana has been arrested for prostitution, and she was arrested for beating up a woman in a bathroom.

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