5 Hot Celebrities That Used to Be Male Strippers

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Brad Pitt used to strip for sorority girls.

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Brad Pitt used to strip for sorority girls.

Women everywhere are excited about the upcoming male stripper movie, "Magic Mike." After years of films and at least one scene per cop show--per year--of female strippers, it will be a refreshing change to see the men drop trou. It also helps that the exotic dancers will be played by the likes of Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey. As rare as male strippers are on screen, it's even tougher to find guys like these five celebrities who will own up to the job.

Channing Tatum

The star and inspiration for "Magic Mike," the hunky actor had a previous career as a stripper before starring in films like "GI Joe" and "Dear John." Though Tatum desires respect and maybe a few "lawyer roles," he has no problem with his stripper past and is thankful that his hot bod' and booty-shaking skills have furthered his career. If you want a preview of what the former Chan Crawford might do in the upcoming film, you can check out his vintage stripping video.

Brad Pitt

Any gal who fell in love with Brad's killer abs and sexy swagger in "Thelma and Louise" would not be shocked to hear that, not long before that promising blockbuster debut, the feisty young actor was stripping down for the ladies. Back in his college days, the studly actor used to perform nude revues with six other guys for the benefit of lucky sorority girls on their 21st birthdays. The name of the stripper troupe? The Dancing Bares.

David Hernandez

In Season 7 of "American Idol," the year of David Cook and David Archuleta, a third David seemed poised for a lengthy run on the show. Hernandez earned praise from the judges for his smooth vocals, and his tight jeans earned appreciative screams from the reality show audience. Then news broke that the "Idol" contender had both stripped and performed lap dances at an Arizona night club, and while he wasn't dismissed by producers, Hernandez was eliminated from the competition the next week. The good news is that Hernandez is still working on his music career, including an upcoming album and ongoing tour gig, "Ballroom with a Twist," that also features the professional "Dancing with the Stars" dancers.

Javier Bardem

The Oscar-winning actor of "No Country for Old Men," and seductive star of "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Eat Pray Love," also tried a stint as a male stripper--for one day. Bardem claims it was and awful experience and not at all like the sweet independent film "The Full Monty." The handsome actor's experience did have one thing in common with the movie, however, because his family was there to see him perform!

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Anyone familiar with this "Jersey Shore" star will probably be more surprised to hear that, while he worked shirtless in a strip club, he only tried the full male stripper routine once. While we're sure he enjoyed the appreciative screams for his stellar abs, his disappointment in taking center stage was due to his costume, that was "some sort of Uncle Sam with a thong, and I wasn't really feeling it." Who knew that The Situation had sartorial standards for stripping?

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