5 Celebs Who've Completed a Marathon

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5 Celebs Who've Completed a Marathon

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Running season is under way as one of America's most popular marathons, the Chicago Marathon, opens registration for the annual 26.2 mile race. If finishing a marathon is on your bucket list, then you can look to these five celebrities for inspiration. You might be surprised at some names that made the list.

Alanis Morissette

Runner's World just featured the "Ironic" singer again in their March 2013 issue. Back in 2009, Alanis set her sights on the New York City Marathon, and began training for the race, along along with sticking to a healthy vegan lifestyle to support the National Eating Disorders Association. She completed the race at an impressive pace of just over four hours.

Ryan Reynolds

He's known as a heartthrob, and his physique isn't just for show. Ryan ran and completed the New York City Marathon in November 2008 with one of the fastest celebrity times of 3:50 and some change. This race made him a superhero before he ever got paid to wear the costume.

Will Ferrell

Many people are almost shocked when they hear that the "Anchorman" star has been a competitive runner for years. The Boston Marathon is the gauntlet for many runners, because you have to qualify in order to participate, and Ferrell ran the storied race in a more than respectful time of 3:58:12.

Katie Holmes

Slow and steady was just fine for the former "Dawson's Creek" star. She ran and finished the New York City Marathon clocking just over 12.5 minute miles to cross the finish line in 5:29:58. What's impressive about Holmes' time is that she didn't train all that long before the race. Basically just got up and ran it even as other runners balked that her entry was unfair because she didn't have a qualifying time.

Sarah Palin

Whether or not she can see Russia from her house, or you agree with her politics, the former Governor of Alaska is fast! Back in 2005 she ran the Humpy's Marathon, and easily finished in under four hours. A long time fitness buff, she proved she could run and run well...in a road race anyway. She even found herself in the middle of Paul Ryan's fudged marathon time, actually finishing two minutes faster than him.

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