5 Celebrity Divorce Mistakes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Should Avoid

Because We Don't Need Another Pitchy Divorce

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Denise Richards may not be the best role model for Jennifer Lopez to follow in her divorce.

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Denise Richards may not be the best role model for Jennifer Lopez to follow in her divorce.

Who knew Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were so miserable? Apparently everyone. But now that all the "we saw it coming" stories have been written about the couple's mangled marriage, fans are starting to wonder what kind of divorce the couple will have. With so many recent celebrity role models to learn from, the musical pair whose marriage went off key could separate harmoniously or exit on a sour note.

Given the tender age of their twins and fans' fatigue with messy divorces, here are some common trashy tabloid traps Lopez and Anthony should steer clear of:

Using the children as pawns: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are the poster parents for using their daughter, Ireland, as a pawn to exact revenge upon each other. The tension became so great that Basinger leaked a phone message from Baldwin in which the frustrated dad called his beloved daughter a "rude, thoughtless little pig."

Publicly dissing the ex: Though they vowed to keep their divorce clean for the sake of the children, Madonna told David Letterman she'd rather get "run over by a train" than get married again, and Ritchie returned the favor by calling the Material Girl a "retard." But, hey, why should divorce vows be taken more seriously than marriage vows?

Meanwhile, actress Anne Heche called her ex a "lazy ass" on "The Late Show" and Camille Grammer coyly hinted to Howard Stern that ex-hubby Kelsey Grammer likes to wear ladies' undies.

Dating Too Soon: There is no perfect amount of time for a newly separated person to wait before dating, but immediately is probably not a good idea. Anthony could learn from his previous mistake of linking with Lopez while he was still married to first wife, Dayanara Torres, as could other marriage bed hoppers from LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Battling over bank accounts: The fertile Gosselins had a divorce flame war, with Kate accusing her eight-time baby daddy of stealing $230,000 from their joint account. Ex-husband Jon volleyed back that Kate was "hiding money" from him. .

Getting a reality TV Show: After her divorce from Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards starred in her own reality TV show, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated," which one blogger not-so-kindly called "craptastic." On the show, Richards cursed in front of her small children, accused Sheen of molesting their children and fought a public battle with the rock star from Mars over whether the children should appear on the show.

We're hoping Lopez and Anthony can pull off some high notes and spare their children and fans the embarrassment of dragging each other through the mud, even if it's from a chic Beverly Hills spa.

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