5 Celebrities That Could Play Casey Anthony in a Movie

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Natalie is nominated this year!

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Natalie is nominated this year!

Now that "tot mom" Casey Anthony has been found not guilty, it will only be a matter of time before a movie gets made about the case that captivated a nation (Melissa Leo better start dusting off her wig from "The Fighter" so that she play Casey's mom). It's safe to say that the role of Casey will be a coveted one, so here's a look at five actresses that could be considered for the part:

Anne Hathaway

Anne has certainly come a long since from "The Princess Diaries." Her hard partying and reckless behavior in the movie "Havoc" seems somewhat reminiscent of the lifestyle Anthony was leading, and she later wowed audiences by proving how much range she has as an actress in "Brokeback Mountain." However, her role as a recovering drug addict responsible for the death of a family member in "Rachel Getting Married" might be the best evidence of why she'd be perfect to play Casey. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in that movie, and she'd surely earn a shot at a little gold man again by lending her sweet face to such an unlikeable character.

Leighton Meester

This "Gossip Girl" star has also proved that she's a multi-faceted actress by playing a country singer in "Country Strong," but Meester still seems to be searching for a role to really solidify herself as a serious actress.Her recent movie "The Roommate" might not have been the best way to establish herself as a major movie star, although it did prove that she's capable of playing a mentally disturbed character and a killer. Plus she just has the right look to play the movie version of Casey.

Ellen Page

This very talented young star's look might be even more spot-on, however. She's impressed audiences in a wide variety of movies, from the indie comedy "Juno" to the sci-fi thriller "Inception," but the role that really got her career rolling is the best proof of why she'd be perfect to play Anthony. Casey's bizarre, uncaring behavior after the disappearance of her daughter has deeply disturbed those following the case, and Page has definitely done disturbing well -- in the movie "Hard Candy" Page might be playing the part of a child that's a potential victim, but she also showcases a dark side capable of doing some pretty sadistic things.

Emily Blunt

This English actress would be an interesting choice to play Casey. Blunt first captured the attention of America starring alongside Hathaway in the funny fashion film "The Devil Wears Prada," going on to get a Golden Globe nomination for playing a Queen in "The Young Victoria." However, she proved she can perfectly pull off an American accent (and playing a damaged character) in the movie "Sunshine Cleaning," which is about two sisters who open up a business that cleans crime scenes (so she's got some experience in movies dealing with murder). But, the major reason Emily would make such an excellent choice is because of her uncanny resemblance to Casey.

Natalie Portman

Portman has proved time and time again that she can handle any role that's thrown at her, and it wouldn't be surprising if filmmakers decided to try and snag an Oscar-winner like her to play the part of Casey. While the "Black Swan" star has proved she plays crazy rather well, she really hasn't a portrayed a character that audiences would outright hate like Casey, so it would definitely be interesting to see her take on such a role. She has at least played a character that has spent time in prison -- in "Goya's Ghosts" her character is imprisoned for heresy. She also loses her daughter while imprisoned, but unlike Casey, she makes an attempt to find the missing child.

So do you think any of these celebrities would make the perfect Casey, or should someone else be given the role of the "tot mom" when the inevitable movie about her gets made? Sound off in the comments!

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