5 Celebrities Who Should Bid on Elvis Presley's Crypt

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The crypt that originally held the last Earthly remains of Elvis Presley is set to go to auction in June. Though the King of Rock and Roll and his mother were later exhumed and re-buried on the property at Graceland, Elvis' home, he was originally entombed in a crypt at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis. That original place of rest is now being put up for auction by Darren Julien as part of a larger auction of things associated with musical icons.

It may sound a little morbid, but chances are there are hundreds of Elvis fans who'd love to get a piece of his history like this. Over the years, his devoted followers have bid some incredibly high prices on just about anything tied to the late-singer's legacy. The kind of fame that Elvis enjoyed in his lifetime means that items associated with the icon of recorded music will always be valuable.

With the 35th anniversary of his death to come in August of this year, what better way to mark that occasion than to own the place he was originally laid to rest? As important a figure as Elvis still is, he certainly has plenty of celebrity fans as well. We thought maybe one of these stars would like to take a shot at bidding on the King's crypt.

Nicolas Cage - Any time Elvis is mentioned, one has to think of Cage. He's quite the famous fan of Elvis' and was even briefly married to his daughter. We have a feeling the "Moonstruck" star is taking a real hard look at making a bid on this tomb. Maybe it'll inspire another "National Treasure" film?

Lisa Marie Presley - Though perhaps the Elvis estate is involved in some way in the auction, his daughter should consider trying to keep this vault in the family. She's his only heir, and it must be a little bizarre to know a complete stranger will own the original final resting place of your father.

Paul McCartney - He already owns the song catalog of Buddy Holly, who was a major influence on Sir Paul and The Beatles. So why not grab a piece of Elvis' legacy? All four Beatles have been on record as saying that Elvis was probably the biggest reason they started playing rock and roll, so maybe Paul could call Ringo and they can split the cost of the crypt.

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