5 Antics that Nabbed Justin Bieber More Fans

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5 Antics that Nabbed Justin Bieber More Fans

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Justin Bieber

It's official! Justin Bieber is the king of Twitter.

The teen pop star has overtaken Lady Gaga to become the most followed person on the social networking website, Twitter. As of Monday evening, the singer earned the rank as Twitter's most followed person by attaining more than 33,333,000 followers and nudging out Gaga who only has 33,329,000. Bieb's lead has continued to grow as the sun rose on Tuesday morning.

The "Boyfriend" singer has been on the rise for months earning an estimated follower every other second of the day. The star has been a popular figure on the site from the start with a legion of Beliebers following his every move.

Here are a few of the antics that the star has used to continually grow his Twitter following:

Frantic Tweeting: While some stars keep their Tweeting to a minimum, Bieber keeps his fans up to date with his every single move. Beyonce has built an audience of nearly seven million followers with only four tweets to her name. Bieber went over thirty million fans by tweeting more than twenty thousand times!

Instagram: Not only can fans get to hear what their favorite singer is up to on a daily basis, Justin is a constant Instagram-er giving his followers an intimate glimpse of his comings and goings. From his bad hair days to showing off his latest ink, the star gives a constant stream of behind the scenes photos that keep his fans coming back over and over.

Bad Boy Persona: The ultimate good boy has chronicled his fall from grace to become a bit of a bad boy. From his recent alleged pot smoking pictures to his breakup with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the once squeaky clean star has given the world a front row seat to his newly scandalous life as he tries some bad boy habits on for size. At least when he messes up, Biebs knows how to pen an apology to his fans. After the weed smoking incident occurred he tweeted, "everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up."

Hype Hoopla: Nobody uses twitter to hype their projects better than Biebs! Rather than use the site for chit chat, the star knows how to corral the power of the people to promote his brand and his upcoming projects. He is currently promoting both his "Believe Acoustic" which is being released next week and his current "Believe Tour" which is currently criss-crossing the country.

Revealing Content: There is just some content you can't find anywhere else! The star recently took to Twitter to post a revealing photo of himself getting a little cheeky by showing off a bit of his backside in a picture that made a brief appearance on the site. The singer decided to post a photo of himself with a bit of his bum on display. Of course, he quickly had second thoughts about the picture and deleted it off the website.

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