'This is 40' Could Be a Hit for Paul Rudd: A Look at His Recent Box Office Flops

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'This is 40' Could Be a Hit for Paul Rudd: A Look at His Recent Box Office Flops

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Paul Rudd is back in theaters with the new comedy "This is 40," and the actor couldn't be happier. Coming off of an intense Broadway role, the star is thrilled to be back on the funny track. "The guy just plunges off the deep end in a really kind of emotionally raw and draining way," said Paul of his Broadway character while promoting his upcoming movie. Not only will "This is 40" earn laughs for the actor, but it should also earn plenty of money. That's a good thing for Paul, who hasn't found much success in his last few comedies. Here is a look at the disappointing box office openings for his three most recent comedies.

"Wanderlust" - $6,526,650

You'd think a movie that features Jennifer Aniston visiting a nudist colony would earn plenty of buzz. Unfortunately, even the beautiful actress couldn't save this movie from being a dud. Paul and Jennifer play a struggling couple who end up ditching New York in favor of a nudist commune in Georgia. "Wanderlust" turned out to be the worst box office opening for Paul since the 2008 bomb "Over Her Dead Body." The movie ended up earning just over $17 million at the box office, cementing it as one of the biggest flops of 2012.

"Our Idiot Brother" - $7,011,631

The plot seemed promising. Paul plays a naïve slacker that causes all sorts of problems for his sisters, played by Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Zooey Deschanel. Despite its superb cast and solid reviews, the comedy never got off the ground. The poor opening contributed to a disappointing overall gross of just under $25 million, making it just barely more successful than "Wanderlust."

"How Do You Know" - $7,484,696

Paul had the leading role in this sweet 2010 comedy, which had a lot going for it. Director James L. Brooks had already won an Oscar, as did co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson. But even with that incredible pedigree, the movie tanked in a big way. "How Do You Know" finished in eighth place during its opening weekend, and found little success after that. It earned a little more than $30 million during its entire run, and it kicked off a downward trend for the actor.

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