4 Reasons Kim Kardashian Will Be a Great Mom!

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4 Reasons Kim Kardashian Will Be a Great Mom!

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Kim Kardashian.

As many viewers tuned into 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami ' last season, it did not seem as if Kim Kardashian had a desire to be a mother...EVER. In fact, she would often lash out at older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, for her obsessive and annoying motherly ways. However, soon into the season, fans found out that poor Kim was fearful that, much like her sister, Khloe Kardashian , that she would have trouble conceiving a child. Now that Kim is preggo with Kanye's baby, while some may not think she will be the best mom, motherhood has transformed some celebrities for better and for worse. Here are 4 reasons why Kim will make a good mom!

1. She grew up in a large family with many siblings.

Being the second oldest of the Kardashian/Jenner bunch, Kim is no stranger to babies being around. She has watched her mother raise four children (Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie). While she may not have been thinking of motherhood during this time, she hopefully picked up some motherly instincts. For the baby's sake, let us hope these instincts are pre Kris Jenner being the family's momager.


She has Kourtney to look up to as an example.

With two cute kids, Mason and Penelope, under her belt, Kourt has shown some wonderful mothering skills (as far as we can see on reality television). She truly appears to care and finds it important take the time to nurture and pay attention to her children. Although, she often makes her children a priority over her romantic relationship and many other social relationships. After watching Kourt make a few mistakes as a new mother, hopefully Kim will be able to learn from her sister's mistakes and strike a nice balance in her life between baby, love and family.

3. She has experience babysitting and living with babies/children.

While in Miami, Kim has been able to closely watch Mason and Penelope grow. At times, she has been a care provider for her niece and nephew when their mom and dad are unavailable because of work or more dramatic personal endeavors. The quality time spent with Mason and Penelope will help give this celeb the head start that she needs and some inside insight into the mothering world.

4. She has enough money to support the baby's needs, present and future.

We all know that money is not everything, but it certainly helps! Kim will be able to afford a top-notch education and many other over-the-top experiences for her little bundle of joy. However, let us hope that Kim's desire to make money and her busy schedule do not lead her to rely too much on using her fortune for an expensive, full-time nanny!

Clearly, only time will tell whether Kim becomes a good mom and whether Kanye West becomes a good father figure. Love it or hate it, this is just one perspective, and the baby is happening whether you feel it is a monstrous event or a blessing. Feel free to chime in as to whether you think Kim will make a good mommy or whether it will all be drama!

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