4 Celebrity Talk Show Interviews that Turned into Meltdowns

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Tom Cruise has moved past his couch jumping days-- thankfully.

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Tom Cruise has moved past his couch jumping days-- thankfully.

Talk shows are a great place for celebrities to talk about their latest movies, dispel the most recent gossip, or just have some really, really uncomfortable interviews.

Here's a look at a few celebrity talk show interviews that could have gone a whole lot better

Chris Brown - This week's big news was Chris Brown's explosive backstage temper-tantrum at Good Morning America, in which he refuted accusations of being a violent, angry abuser by violently and angrily abusing some stuff and running away from his interview. Word is that he smashed a windows and security was called to get him out of the building.

He later apologized and claimed that he was disappointed in his own actions. It's good that he's sorry, but the apology kind of made it sound like Brown was as surprised as the rest of us.

David Letterman Interviews Paris Hilton - When David Letterman is annoyed with a guest, he doesn't waste any time letting them know.

Paris Hilton appeared on Late Night in 2007, shortly after being released from jail for a probation violation. She didn't want to talk about her stay in the slammer on Letterman, but Dave had other ideas.

Over the course of a seven minute interview, Letterman's relentless. He spends the majority of the time asking tongue-in-cheek questions about the meals in prison and asking whether Hilton had talked to any "clergymen" to try to make a better impact on society.

It's rare that the talk show host is the one taking the show off the rails, but Letterman's interview with Hilton made for fascinating and uncomfortable TV.

Tom Cruise Jumps On Oprah's Couch - Nobody doubted that Tom Cruise really, really liked Katie Holmes (well, maybe a few people, we guess). In any case, Cruise set about proving his love by literally jumping up and down on Oprah's couch in 2005.

It was unexpected and out of character at the time, and completely changed how the public saw Tom Cruise. He went from a heart throb to a short, weird guy who jumps on furniture in a matter of a few seconds. It also kind of looked like Cruise was going to keep going, maybe run out of the studio foaming at the mouth and run down the street stripping off his clothes. Fortunately, he just sat down and talked about his acting career, which he maybe should have done in the first place.

Norm MacDonald Destroys Carrot Top - The best talk show meltdown of all time may have been Norm MacDonald's appearance on Conan O Brien's late night show in 1997, as the comedian's sarcastic, harsh humor suddenly got cranked up to 11.

Early in the show, Norm had been talking about being sick and appeared a little bit out of it. Still, he was an entertaining interviewee, and he even hung around for the night's second guest, actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, who was starring in a movie with prop comic Carrot Top.

While Conan seemed polite and intrigued at the premise of the movie, Norm harangued Smith for being in a film with Carrot Top and made a few uncomfortable jokes. Still, it wasn't too bad until Conan asked for the name of the movie and Norm shouted, "box office poison."

From there, Courtney Thorne-Smith struggles to keep her composure as Conan looks visibly embarrassed (he's also trying to stop laughing). Norm doesn't slow down, though, and the result is one of the most uncomfortable and hilarious moments in talk show history. The full video's here.

Know of any other talk show guests that went off the rails? Post them below.

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